Going Digital: Businesses Are Adapting to Selling Online for Their Consumers

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Woman taping ecommerce package depicting businesses going digital and selling online

Selling online is the new order for retail selling. For this reason, retailers are working hard to meet the demands of evolving into the online marketplace environment in order to get new clients and retain old ones. The COVID-19 lockdowns meant that businesses that were not rushing to have an online presence had to pick it up, and those that were had to step up their game! While the lack of face-to-face contact with clients may mean adapting whole business models, there have been many success stories. Let’s see how some businesses have adapted their digital marketing investments toward selling online:

Online ordering

To adhere to social distancing measures, curfews, and lockdowns, most businesses in affected places have shifted to online ordering. While it is not entirely a new concept, some traditional businesses have had to adopt online integrations to adhere to these restrictions. Silvester, who works in a bespoke shoe company that serves grooms and executives, says they have had to move their system to selling online. Despite being a small business, it is something they have perfected and hope that it will be part of their company long after COVID-19 is dealt with. He says that while getting measured for the bespoke shoe is necessary, you probably have a pair that you like. Therefore, counting on the directions of Silvester, his team, and their experience, you can have a shoe made that fits the unique nature of your legs by placing an order where they are selling online!

Virtual services

While work from home arrangements may have reduced the overhead for some companies, those that relied on face-to-face interaction with their clients have had to go virtual. For this reason, at the peak of the pandemic, some traditional industries adapted to selling virtually to their business clients. One such industry is insurance brokerage. Going virtual has not only helped the insurance brokerage industry reach a wider audience, but it is also much safer for the parties involved in the dealings.

Digital marketing

Unlike traditional marketing approaches, marketing online has a whole suite of available options and is not just limited to selling online. While some companies will choose to do it themselves, some prefer to hire professional digital marketing companies for their coronavirus marketing. Digital marketing has opened small businesses to many possibilities such as interacting with prospects, reaching a global market, and making savings through the use of fewer resources than traditional marketing.

Generally, there’re a lot of creative routes businesses have adopted during the pandemic. It’s funny how innovative we tend to get when circumstances push us to the core. Maybe you can come up with some brand new ideas on how your small business can thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

If you would like some help coming up with ideas about selling online or other digital marketing efforts, give your Online Capital Group a call today at (904) 600-3600 and our team of professional digital marketing experts can take a look. We will get to know your business and help push forward towards success as if it were part of our own.

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