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Our team will design a central hub for your brand, complete with everything your consumers need to understand what you do and keep them coming back for more.

Your website functions as a critical part of your brand’s presence, even more critically than a brick and mortar location! Captivate your local community or represent your brand to the world with a professionally managed and maintained online presence.

1. Introduce Your Business

Discovering your industry, lead generation process, brand style, and more is essential for communicating your brand effectively. Help us get to know your brand better.

2. Design Process & GOing Live

Our team will work with you to create the perfect design to reflect your brand and company goals. Once everything is ship-shape, we publish your new design!


Your website will be published complete with 24/7 support and maintenance. Questions or concerns about your site? We will be right there to help!

Need Updating?
Website Redesign Benefits:

Need Updating?

Website Redesign Benefits:

42% Increase in Website Visitors
42% Increase in Website Visitors
2.5x Faster Loading Time
358% Increase in Conversions

Make an Investment
That Makes a difference

Your website is one of the most foundational elements you can invest in for the success of your business. Give us a call to speak with our team of website design professionals. It is our mission to develop a successful website for your brand, as we believe it is one of the most crucial forms of online capital that you can attain. Help your brand gain a competitive edge today.

Make an Investment
That Makes a difference

Your website is one of the most foundational elements you can invest in for the success of your business.
Give us a call today!

We Can Answer Your Questions.

It is important that you know enough about your business to be able to answer the web design questions marketing companies should be asking. This post today will give you a heads up on some of the most important things to have intact before scheduling that website design meeting.

Some questions might sound like:

What is your ultimate business goal?

Who is your customer?

What is their biggest problem and how can you solve it?

Do you currently have a sales funnel?

Do you have Google Analytics installed?

If you are looking for a great website to help support the foundation of your online presence, look no further than OCGnow! These questions marketing companies should be asking about your web design project should help put things in perspective.


Having a great e-commerce website design is essential if you want your customers to return time and again. Your customers can become brand advocates when they have a positive experience while browsing your site. They should not be distracted by pop-ups or frequent ads, which take away their attention from the products on your site. You need to design your site in a way that makes it easy for customers to purchase products and services.

The benefits of an eCommerce website design are innumerable. A professional team can also provide top-notch features, such as social media links, press releases, and more. You can even modify pages and move features around if you decide you need to. A professional team will also provide support services to help you make the most of your site and increase revenue. A professional eCommerce website design team can make any necessary changes to improve your site.

Meant to cut out the cost and collaboration with both large and smaller sized agencies, website builders are gaining popularity with business owners for their DIY capabilities. However, gaining convenience can sometimes mean compromising other qualities, as is the case with using a popular website builder for doing all of the work of creating, hosting, AND optimizing your website.

Website builders offer limited customization options and control. Yes, you get templates that you can modify. But there’s very little that you can add to them, and the end product can look very generic. Well, compared to a professional website which tends to be customized for you from scratch. In addition, site builders restrict the number of pages you get. To get more pages, you may have to pay a higher subscription.

DIY website design, hosting, and optimization might not deliver the results you are looking for out of a solid online presence for your business. For those in need of a personal website, then a website builder may serve your needs. But if you are looking to gain the competitive edge in your industry and need an agency that is flexible enough to accommodate the stage you are in, give your Online Capital Group a call today at (904) 600-3600 to schedule a free evaluation of your current online presence and discuss how to get things up and running.

A website redesign is a task that you will no doubt want to guarantee brings you a great return on your investment. The very reasons for a website redesign are to change the variables that you need in order to attract your customers or perform a task for your business that is beneficial. Whether it adds new benefit or improves a previous one, a redesigning your website is important to keep it working as the frontlines marketing tool your business needs. Below are some ways you can know its time to invest in a website redesign.

A redesign can benefit a company that has outgrown the smaller foundation they started on and help boost their success to even higher levels. It may communicate a change of direction the company has made as they have learned more about their audience. Whatever the reason, if you are looking for a partner to help you with a successful redesign, give OCGnow a call today.

Page speed is so important in your online presence that Google has a very well-developed and articulate system to measure it. The measurements let marketers and business owners know the best possible way to manage your pages. When done right, these pages can capture the attention of possible customers and keep it.

There are several different ways to go about shrinking the amount of time your page loads. Most likely, your website designer or web developer would be your go-to in order to discuss this issue. Asking for their insight for identifying or solving any page speed problems.

Taking measures to increase the speed of your page will greatly help consumers get to your bottom line faster. Understanding your product or service and promoting the finish line of a sale or subscription can also be done more efficiently. We can answer any of your questions about the condition and speed of your site and collaborate on what work is being done to improve it.

Chances are you have realized that only so many people drive by your building each day. This means that translating your presence to the internet, like with website creation, would bring about gaining the most exposure you could imagine! If so, you would do well to know you’re right!

Now some self-proclaimed marketers and branding companies would have you believe “if you build a website, they will come.” This is only true to a small extent. Have you ever wondered why one website costs $100 and another could cost up to $10,000? These prices have little to do with the name of the company, and much more to do with the extent of the work being done on the website.

Companies that use more than three digital marketing modalities are 91% more likely to receive a return on their investments than companies that rely on social media alone. That’s why the next step in your digital marketing journey should be to contact OCGnow for a FREE digital marketing consultation.

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