The Search Engine Algorithm & Why SEO is Constantly Changing

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Illustration depicting search engine algorithm and SEO for digital marketing

If you have ever tried typing the same query on different search engines, you will quickly notice that some results appear consistently at the top. Other results, despite containing the same content, cannot be found even on the first page of the search. That happens all thanks to search engine algorithms. To understand a search engine algorithm, you must first understand algorithms. 

Algorithms are a set of processes or a series of instructions that perform a specific function. Search engines are like answer machines, composed of collections of information and algorithms. As the drive behind search engines, a search engine algorithm computes a search by scouring the databases, indexing, and ranking the results of the search based on relevance and other parameters.

So, for a result to be at the top of a search, the content has to be visible to the search engine algorithm. This means that the site’s content must be optimized to be visible to the algorithm hence Search Engine Optimization—SEO. SEO is a critical aspect of digital marketing, but there is no guarantee for the top slot in search results.

To put things into perspective, over 90% of website visits begin on a search engine search. However, only sites in the top 33% of the results enjoy all the traffic. These numbers mean that it is pointless to have a website if it is not going to get the visibility it deserves.

To stay at the top of search results, and especially if you are mostly relying on digital marketing for your enterprise, you need regular SEO maintenance. Digital marketing experts recommend monthly SEO maintenance as this would allow you to keep up with the search engine algorithm and search engine trends more easily.

This could involve evaluating previous SEO results and adapting content strategy, fixing broken links, updating content, etc. Besides, your competitors are not sleeping, and they too recognize the power of SEO. Therefore, if you wish to say at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), you need to be creative and innovative with your digital marketing efforts, hence the need for regular SEO maintenance.

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