Popular Brick and Mortar Stores with A Successful Online Presence

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Storefront depicting briick and mortar stores that have developed a successful online presence

When discussing successful e-commerce companies and their online presence, one almost always finds their way in conversation to the subject of Amazon. After all, they are by far the largest online selling platform, as well as being among the first of businesses to have a fully online mode of operation.

That said, their success pales in comparison to the collective of companies that reap the benefits of digital marketing every day as the e-commerce industry continues to grow and take shape. Let us take a look at two businesses that have successfully transitioned from an established brick and mortar presence to having an online reputation selling their services and goods digitally with a performance that rivals the latter.


In response to a changing business landscape, Nike decided to go all-in on e-commerce. As of September 2020, their digital sales had increased by 82% from the previous quarter. Thanks to sustained digital marketing campaigns, they can post revenues of up to $10.6 billion from their key markets—a revenue that alone vouches for just how great their online presence is.

Nike uses its website to increase direct selling to clients who would have otherwise not visited a Nike Store. In fact, the company has made this their main selling strategy given the fact that even competitors like Lululemon saw a spike of 157% in their online sales during the same period!


Williams Sonoma has recently made headlines for advocating for fewer physical locations through which they can transact with their customers. In 2020, they moved to increase their online presence, so much so that most of their business now happens online. During that same year, over 49% of their income came from online sales. They have garnered an online reputation for being the home furnishing specialist to go to.

This has been made possible by implementing serious targeted digital marketing campaigns as they switch their operations to a heavily online-based foundation. Williams-Sonoma’s online reputation as a visionary company has also been reflected in their move to adopt other online operations like their staff working from home.

At the bottom line, the benefits of being an omnichannel platform are clear. It not only enhances the customer experience by offering them more channels for making purchases, but also improves company profitability by generating more sales. As a result, brick and mortar stores can better position themselves for the future by developing strong e-commerce operations and maintaining a strong online reputation.

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