How to Develop A Buyer Persona for Your Strategies

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Man drawing a portrait of a woman depicting develop a buyer persona for digital marketing strategies

Every business that wants to promote its goods and services ought to have a buyer persona. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional character who embodies the traits of your target audience. Despite not being a real person, the character behind the persona is defined by data and research.

The buyer persona is made of details just like a real customer, such as name, demographic details, behavioral traits, and interests intended to help a company define their target market’s buying patterns, pain points, and intentions when buying goods or services. When you develop a buyer persona you identify a model client whose problems will be solved by your digital marketing strategies.

Why are buyer personas important?

Business personas help companies craft strategies from the customer’s perspective. By doing so, the company becomes more of a solution giver to the persona. Likewise, a business persona is part of demography. Therefore, they allow companies to focus digital marketing campaigns on the target audience, increasing the ROI using the buyer persona spring.

What information is needed to develop a buyer persona?

To develop a buyer persona, you will need thorough research to collect all the key information you need to construct a profile. Based on your business’ needs, you can start by compiling data on age, location, language, buying power, spending patterns, challenges, interests, and even stage in life. You can use your existing customers’ database and social media to find the initial information. On top of that, you need to find out what channels are most efficient in reaching your customers as a priority issue.

Once you have all the data on the person, you need to identify key pain points for your clients. What are they lacking? What is hampering them from getting what they want?

Basically, identifying customer pain points will tell you how they feel about your services and what parts of your client’s experience you need to tweak. The converse of pain point is to find out customer goals, i.e., the problems they are using your services to solve. It could open you up to niches that you didn’t know about.

With this information, you will understand how your products can help the customer and come up with an idea of what your target audience is. This makes it easier to formulate a digital marketing strategy based on the buyer persona.

In a nutshell, developing to develop a buyer persona is an integral part to any social media content and overall digital marketing strategy. Aside from allowing your business to understand its target audience better, a buyer persona will enable you to form real connections with your customers. The value gained from such connections is indispensable for any business.

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