Common Digital Marketing Scams to Look Out For That Sound Great

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Society is made up of many different kinds of people, including scammers. Even something as beneficial as digital marketing has been infiltrated with them. These are people who are out to defraud the unexpecting public under the guise of digital marketing. It has become a multi-billion-dollar industry all across the world.

There has been a rise in the number of fraudulent individuals who will propose a marketing scam to you that looks and sounds like the real thing. The following list is of some things to watch out for to raise your awareness of common digital marketing scams that may be susceptible to:

Listings on major business directories

Digital directories are a potent tool for businesses in search of visibility and business value. While being listed on a business directory is advantageous, it is not the end-all solution for your business problems. That being said, there are elaborate marketing scams where business owners are promised an overall fix by creating listings on major directories.

It is essential to know that it will only be beneficial to list in business directories that are relevant to your business. If you were to list just for the sake of listing, or list in irrelevant directories, you risk being hidden from the clients you want, as well as ruining your brand’s image with low-quality, spammy listings.

Website performance issues

Not all websites are perfect and, in fact, even some moe notable companies have websites with a few issues that need optimization and correcting. Some edits are more crucial than others, but that does not mean a digital marketing company should threaten you with your site’s issues in order to have you sign a contract for their services.

This is a marketing fraud that sounds upfront like it is in your best interest. However, it is closer to extortion than actual service provision if you were to be objective about it. A fraudulent marketer will most often approach you only with a repetitive list of technical issues with your site to justify their services, using fear to drive their sales.

Guaranteed SEO rankings

If you are familiar with our dedicated SEO services, you may have heard that Google manages Google’s algorithm, changing it so many times over the course of a year. It is for this reason that we advocate for regular SEO maintenance instead of a one-time solution. SEO is a regular service that finds itself high on the list of common digital marketing scams. That said, it is fraudulent for anyone to guarantee your business a spot at the top of Google rankings (unless of course, you service a radically niche market) without rather proficient monitoring and maintenance.

Let your Online Capital Group help you discern what is the best move to make when it comes to your digital marketing. Don’t fall for common digital marketing scams! We can provide you with metrics of previous success as well as insights into the data we use to truly increase your digital marketing outcomes. Give us a call today at (904) 600-3600 and schedule a digital real estate evaluation.

Common Digital Marketing Scams To Look Out For That sound Great Infographic
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