Niche Service Based Business That Can Really Benefit from Digital Marketing

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If you are a business that caters to a very defined audience, you are definitely operating a niche business. While traditional marketing would have had you believe that it is rare to find your business’s audience, digital marketing promises a new way to market niche businesses. Besides the obvious cost benefits of using digital marketing, niche businesses and predominantly service-based businesses stand to gain the most from the exposure from digital marketing. Let’s look at some niche outfits that can really benefit from marketing digitally.

Online tutors

With education going digital, tutors offering skill-based or specific professional courses tend to gain a lot by opting for digital marketing. Given as the nature of their business is by design online, it is a service-based business whose reach will only be limited if they went with traditional marketing. Online tutors are not limited by geography, and taking online marketing options available will expose them to the specific audience they want to tap into—but on a global scale.

Online fitness instructor

If you are a freelance online-based fitness coach, your business could gain from tapping into digital marketing. For example, if you are an online-based yoga instructor with live lessons, there are many people globally who can be available at the specific time your classes go live. Instead of marketing to a small group of people that your offline networks serve up, your service-based business can still help another client in a different continent, state, county, or even part of the city.


With the rise of remote working, even professionals like analysts offering analytics consulting services can benefit from digital marketing. The tools of their work are standard, and from any address in the world, you can serve whichever client needs your services. Therefore, instead of networking with a small circle of professionals and competing for contracts in your location, digital marketing will help you compete on a global stage.

If you are thinking of starting a niche service-based business or taking an established one to the next level, OCGnow has the skills and expertise to assist you with your digital marketing and technological needs. Reach out today and let us discuss your 2021 digital marketing goals at (904) 600-3600.

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