Why You Need a Balanced & Consistent Social Media Presence

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Scene of teens enjoying a social media presence

So, you have your content strategy nailed. You know the content you want to publish and why you want to. You are also aware of how often you want to post, who your target audience is, and you even know what sites you want to post to. So, what next? For some, this is the beginning of the churning out of content with no rhyme or reason all over their social media presence. Knowledgeable entrepreneurs know they can do more than just posting the content. They believe they can extract more from the content that is created and that in what they aim for.

One variable of social media marketing is consistency. A balanced approach to the content is crucial in branding because it helps achieve a consistent brand image, which is the ultimate goal of social media marketing. For example, if you were to publish a post on one social media site, it is important that the same message is relayed across all platforms. This is necessary because while each site has a unique way of communicating, a continuity of the message communicated will show the confidence and dependability of a company through their social media presence.

Consistency with your social media presence demands that your posts have a consistent voice, consistent content, consistent posting, and consistent aesthetics. It gives your audience something to relate to in the middle of an entire landscape of brands, users, and even similar looking content to get lost in. Consistency is your best friend if you want to have engagement and retention of your audience.

For example, if your audience is used to checking in on your brand’s social media presence for a new post every week with helpful tips, offers, etc., they are more likely to come back at those times and possibly share it than if you had erratic posting patterns that are hard to predict. A balanced and consistent approach to social media marketing makes it easy to follow up and fill any information gaps for the clients.

These patterns will also make it easier to assess the impacts of your digital marketing strategy and define what works and what doesn’t. Likewise, you can develop and cultivate a brand story to keep clients engaged beyond the goods and services you offer.

For those of you who have been smooth sailing on getting your online presence established, but could use help establishing the digital marketing campaigns that will keep consumers engaged with your brand in a meaningful way, give your Online Capital Group a call today at (904) 600-3600 to learn how we can help.

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