Increasing Online Sales Using Live Chat Support

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Woman offering online live chat support for business

The live chat support function for most websites is mostly underutilized. Did you know that it is a critical factor in increasing online sales and that those who have used it have the results to show for it? If you have been spending time wondering how to increase your conversion rate, there’s no reason to be frustrated. You have the tools to change your sales figures.

What do the numbers on live chat support say?

With the rise of e-commerce, Forrester Research conducted a study with which they found that despite opting to shop online, 44% of the people found that talking to a live person in the purchase process was one of the most important features that websites had. Another research by found that 63% of the visitors were likely to reuse a site with live chat support and that 62% were likely to make another purchase on the site. Further to this, 38% of the interviewees confirmed they had made a purchase because of the live chat function. Digital marketing has seen some impressive innovations over the past decade, but surprisingly the most impactful tools are the simple ones like online support.

What are the benefits of live chat support?

A website with live chat support is likely to attract more engagement than a website without online support. Live chats are better than emails or calls because they allow instant online support to clients, just like you would with instant messaging services. It is convenient for customers and helps them with making decisions on their purchases. Consider walking into an electronics store without a clue of the items on sale, but you know what you want. Having an attendant talk to you and take you through the specs of the electronic you want is the offline equivalent of online support. A live chat website brings other benefits like improving the client experience and increasing satisfaction, creating engagements with clients, boosting sales, and improving the client’s understanding and loyalty to a business.

Final thoughts

The benefits of live chat are indispensable. It’s not only a great way of responding to customer issues quickly, but it also makes them feel valued, which ultimately increases sales and retention. If you are yet to implement this feature on your website, you are definitely missing out.

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