To Deliver or Not To Deliver? Online Ordering Marketing

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Ordering online with the use of phone apps and other kinds of technology at a restaurant can make it easier than it has ever been to increase the carryout sales and orders for delivery from your restaurant. Restaurants are beginning to turn to carryout and delivery at a rapid rate in order to keep up with the intensely growing industry, making their online ordering marketing of these services a priority.

The more traditional way restaurants delivered food to customers was by way of their own staff. Third party services, however, have been encroaching in on the turf of local and national restaurants and chains alike. Either way, delivery services only increase the amount of revenue your restaurant can make as well as increase customer satisfaction.

Another option that makes ordering even easier (thus more likely and more frequently to happen!) is online ordering. Food can be delivered any number of ways, but when it is as easy as pulling out the device you have on hand with you all day and logging in your favorite foods, it makes it much more convenient for your customer to buy from you. Pizza chains no longer dominate the market for delivery foods, as so many other restaurants and eateries have gotten on board the profitable trend.

Marketing that your restaurant cooperates with a third party delivery service or sends one out from in-house not only makes the customer aware of that service, but will naturally also bring attention to your restaurant as a whole. When you market your new service, your business will also have an increase in visibility on search engines with an increased SEO ranking and more attention will be drawn to your online reputation.

Some quick tips for how to most effectively market this new service:

–        Utilize a strong and good looking website to promote on

–        Deliver menus along with the food that was ordered to make ordering again even easier!

–        The packaging the food comes in can serve as a form of advertising itself

–        Publish press releases on local media outlets and relevant digital platforms targeted at local audiences

Another factor to consider when looking at adopting the means to join the delivery or carryout trend is the ability of your consumers to get access to your location. As of right now, more and more cities are shutting down their local businesses and asking city residents to remain indoors for fear of spreading the Coronavirus. The less that people travel, the less orders you will receive until there is a standstill, and then what will you do? Will you be able to make it through the lull in business? Considering a online ordering marketing at this time might just be crucial to keeping your business afloat during times this tough.

Do you need strong and assertive people to partner with during a move like this to join the growing community of delivery services? Give your Online Capital Group today to discuss what is right for your company and how we can help promote your restaurant and the carryout service to your local customers for maximum effectiveness and the most profit.