3 Tips For Natural Disaster Marketing

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In our last post, which you can locate here, we discussed the basic necessities for good marketing in the face of a natural disaster. Well, in this follow-up post, we’re going to discuss the in’s and outs of the most effective natural disaster marketing. These things are going to go right along with the rules of marketing in a natural disaster because there are values and principals that one should adhere to when marketing during a natural disaster.

Listen and react to the needs of the community

If you listen closely, you can hear your customers right now, speaking to you. Well, you really can’t, but figuratively speaking, you can! All you have to do is respond to your customers needs through good will. If you have a product that your customers can use during their hardship, try to think of a creative way to get it to them to aid them. Take it from Duracell, who activated their PowerForward truck fleet up and down the coast. They distributed batteries and offered a power supply to for people to charge their cell phones. The people in shelters with no power surely appreciated it. Your positive efforts can reap positive reaction, reviews and loyalty for your brand.

Calm your customers’ concerns

The last things people want to think about after a natural disaster has happened is when their bill is due or if they can even make the bill that month. They are more than likely worrying about how they are going to pay for repairs and other huge expenses from the disaster, or living in a shelter because their home was rendered inhabitable. Something that your company can do for people is give them a break when they need it, if you can handle it. People recognize when companies go above and beyond for them. Take it from Verizon and AT&T for offering free services during Hurricane Matthew, waiving data and text and talk limits. Not only Verizon, but Southwest Airlines indirectly supported hurricane efforts by staying out of the media mess and laying low. This may not seem like help, but the last thing people want to hear abut are discounted flights when you have no money.

Alleviate passerby helplessness

People want to help in every which way they can but sometimes they just don’t know how until they are presented the opportunity. Your company may not be a first responder in this situation, but you will make it available and known for people to make donations, and to promote non-profit organizations who are giving a helping hand and doing good work to provide relief. The American Red Cross is a good example of supporting affected communities and giving secondhand help. Along with, say, Walmart or other companies that take donations to give back to the community.

Remember to have empathy and think about whether your marketing campaign is helpful, or downright tacky. Does it offer help or products in a way that puts less stress on those effected? Is it designed to put more money in your pocket, possibly being more apathetic to the situation that other’s are in? Don’t participate if your product is not in place to get people’s lives back to normal. Your customer’s will thank you for your efforts as a company and as a person helping another.

There are a lot of variables to consider when approaching your natural disaster marketing. When done right, not only will your strategies prove more effective, but you will be able to achieve an even more cohesive and strong bond with your audience that can last a very long time. Give your Online Capital Group a call at (904) 600-3600 to achieve success during difficult times and keep your business steady.