First Steps Toward Your Online Presence

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Marketing agency graphic depicting the first steps toward your online presence

Your Online Capital Group is dedicated to helping you maintain, grow, and establish the online presence of your business. We value driven clients and the passion behind our “Do It or Pursue It” philosophy generates results for the success of selling your product or service. This article will explain the first steps toward achieving an online presence. These steps include a website, social media profile, local business listing, and a collection of online reviews.

Once these core foundations are established, managing and engaging them will bring it all to life. Your business can have a living online presence that makes it possible for your consumers to find you among online competitors. Being online is critical for higher levels of success for any business in this day and age.

Choosing a website is a concrete representation of your brand online. It is like erecting a storefront in the most popular shopping district in the world, equipped with tools and a staff of digital helpers. These can help your customers research your brand, chat with experts, read the reviews of other satisfied customers, watch related media, and purchase from you directly. While it is possible to conduct business online without a website, it is a cornerstone that opens up a much larger amount of opportunity.

Local business listings are installments of your online presence that help present itself to consumers making local searches. The number of local searches being made has grown exponentially in recent times. Products like Google My Business and Bing for Business exist in this category of digital marketing that carry huge clout, being they are search engine entities themselves!

The available directories help businesses publish information, usually for free, like descriptions, reviews, locations, and media. These make your online presence readily available for anyone making searches to find easily.

With these hubs in place for consumers to come to and buy from, the next focus is on the reviews they leave behind after doing business with you. High quality, positive reviews are the key to gaining an edge over your local competition and setting a positive reputation in place.

You can also turn a negative review into a positive experience! By responding to a negative review promptly, professionally, and with positivity, your company will demonstrate the ability to problem-solve and put the satisfaction of your customer first.

Social media acts as the framework around your digital property, engaging with the public for everyone to see. Each account acts as a billboard that points back to your main presence. They give you the capability of advertising as well as acting as another portal for product or service sales!

Altogether, these outlets function as your online presence or your digital real estate that customers come to interact with you online. OCGnow can successfully help your businesses with the first steps toward your online presence that is unique to your brand.

By utilizing a plethora of tools and avenues, we help create return business and positive results with a captivating experience for your audience. Give us a call today at (904) 600-3600 to begin working toward a greater online presence.

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