Why You Should Use Branded URLs

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Many things in the realm of the online world have changed for the better. More specifically, they have become extremely more condensed, streamlined, and efficient. Websites have become exponentially easier to build, online shopping has become significantly easier to put together, and brands have become substantially easier to manage, all with the help of an increasing number of online softwares, management systems, and information.

If you have already developed the online presence of your brand, or are looking to take usually missed opportunities to promote your brand, how you present your URLs might be something important to look into. What used to be a mile long string of random letters and numbers permeated by annoying hyphens can now be shortened into a simply one or two word phrase or set of keywords following the ever so present forward slash.

Brands share hundreds of pieces of information and content through links every day to their target market audiences whether they are solely promoting their brand, offering their product or service, and more! Some examples are product emails, advertisements, and internal messaging.

The shortened URL, as just previously mentioned, helps business owners to squeeze more of their message into the character limit of a social media post or ad snippet you see alongside search engine results. There are several more benefits to using these shortened links, and they are designed to improve the image and efficiency of your messages while helping your consumer get to where you need them to go or receive the deliverables you have for them. The shortened URL has recently become even more refined with the introduction of the branded URL.

A branded URL is a shortened URL, but with the ability to be completely customized to better display the name of your brand or its message. When using branded URLS, your company receives all the benefits of shortened URLs as well as promoting the name of your brand to everyone it comes in contact with. Like dropping a discreet business card everywhere you call people to engage with your link. It also brings people to trust your linked content since they have already come to know your brand and, for those that haven’t yet been introduced, conveys a sense of professional authority over the content. In a nutshell, you are increasing the effectiveness of your message at the same time you are creating trust and consistency in your customer’s experience.

Well informed business owners quite simply have more tools and opportunities at their fingertips to utilize for generating more success. Investing time and interest into finding ways to take advantage of trending and lesser known opportunities can make a big difference in getting the leg up on your competition. The potential to find a plethora of opportunities you may not have known existed, like branded URLs, are also out there!

For more information on how you can increase and improve your online presence, give your Online Capital Group a call today at (904) 600-3600. Our team of marketing professionals can collaborate and communicate with you to help your business succeed!