Does My Business Need Marketing Materials?

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Imagine you are at a high school dance. Say that as you look around the auditorium you notice there are a variety of approaches to the dance scene in the people around you. Some of your peers are outgoing, charismatic and buzzing around looking for someone to dance with. You see there is another group of peers that are more to themselves and seem content waiting for someone to come to them. The purpose of this detailed analogy is to present you with the idea of how you are presenting your business to the dance scene, or industry, of your product or service, and the importance of maintaining a balanced marketing approach.

This article is going to focus on the probability that the more reserved group of peers might even be some of the most proficient of dancers, however, their outer presentation is lacking. Now where a high schooler at a dance might get a friend to dance with from the handful of peers that have attended, it is a much different story for a business trying to attract a customer from billions of people shopping online. Is your small business a lot like that peer in the analogy that knows how to pull off some dance moves, but hasn’t invested much into their image or presentation to the rest of the dance room?

The Benefits of Marketing Materials

There are many local businesses out there today that have genuine skill and outcome of product or service, but are being undermined by their lack of marketing materials. If you leave your home for work in the morning and as you step onto your doormat you see some A4 pages stapled together next to an 8 page glossy brochure, which one do you think will grab more of your attention? Which one do you think you will be spending more time looking through and learning about?

Marketing materials like brochures, business cards, flyers, signage, etc. help businesses to effectively capture the attention of their physical target audience. Don’t forget the slew of companies that didn’t make their way to your doormat because they don’t send out any promotional materials at all!

Depending on the type of work your business does depends on whether your marketing investment will be more profitable when put in physical materials or digital offers. This does not mean, however, that the online presence of your brand should ever be overlooked: business both big and small should develop a strong online presence to establish themselves as an authority in the industry that can be easily found.

Give your Online Capital Group a call to discuss the best route to take for promoting your business with marketing materials. From developing a strategy, to developing the design, to developing the materials themselves, OCGnow will be there to help create an outstanding marketing plan.