What is a Call to Action or CTA and Why Do I Need One?

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Marketing agency graphic utilizing call to action variables

What is a call to action, you ask? A call to action is basically just what it sounds like. They are sign-up forms, newsletters, and giveaways meant to persuade people to come to your website.

CTA’s are very important. You most likely don’t want to go through the time and energy to create an ad, social media content, email campaigns, and begin blogging just to say “Hey guys, sign up today!” Why? Well, because that’s rather boring. Nobody’s going to buy it.

You want to come to your website and purchase from you, and you will need to give them a good and convincing reason to do so. If someone isn’t feeling the motivation in something then they simply won’t do it! The following points will also help your CTA be more effective with your conusmers.

How Long Should CTA content be?

Content in your CTA can be as lengthy as you want it to be, as long as it’s relevant and persuasive. Usually, the less content people have to read, the better, because they are busy or lazy and only have time to skim important information.

Different mediums have different approaches. For example, an email campaign delivers reading material that a popup would not. Some types only deliver the most relevant and attention-catching lines.

Now, what do you say?

Make the customer a part of your business or company. Invite them to come talk to you. Words like “comment” or “post” can be like a chore to some people, and we want to avoid that. Put some excitement in it!

Asking your traffic to “sign up here” is also very generic and doesn’t stand out very much. You want to treat your CTA’s like an interview with several participants. When you are interviewing for an employer, you don’t want to seem like every Joe Shmoe on the street, you want to STAND OUT! Rephrasing things like “sign up today” or “create an account today” to something more creative like “Come see what we are about,” or “Give us a try.”

Lastly, people respond to urgency. If they feel like an amazing deal or opportunity is going to run out at any minute, they are more likely to hop on it rather than sit on it. Things like “It’s now or never, only days to enter!” will get people knowing that they better make a decision quickly!

So, it’s all about making the ordinary into the extraordinary and getting people to your website through persuasion. Let them know that you have unique things to offer by increasing the urgency. Make it concise and easy to understand while simple at the same time. Hopefully, this will help you not only bring in more traffic but create longstanding customers.

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