Top Email Marketing Tips for Successful Campaigns

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Newsletter key on keyboard depicting top email marketing tips

With marketing trends picking up some flashy and dynamic ways to impress potential consumers, a small business owner might come to think that email marketing is for the “days of old”. Perhaps it looks like it has been surpassed by something much greater and more effective. The truth is, that just isn’t the truth!

Email marketing is still a very capable way of marketing to both potential and already committed customers. We list some of the top email marketing tips below:

1. Targeted lists are better to build than broad ones.

A list that is made up of people that have already opted in to your content is important. Without one, you will be facing a high unsubscribe rate as well as a high rate of being received as spam. This of course won’t help the consumers receive, or even care, about what you are sending their way.

2. Automate the content you will send out next week, next month, and even next year.

Planning ahead for your email marketing campaigns helps you to automate all of the content up front. The advantages of doing it this way are that not only will you have everything completed ahead of time and off the workload accumulating on your desk, but you can take a zoomed out look at the layout of the campaigns and how they look in the long run. Stepping back helps create a bigger picture where the flaws and inconsistencies will be easier to spot.

3. Personalizing your content goes a long way.

Now we are not suggesting that you write out a personal hello to everyone on your subscription list, but we do recommend that you utilize some common email software capabilities. With them, you can dynamically insert personalized information such as the customer’s name. This increases the efficiency of your overall results.

4. If it isn’t designed for mobile, it won’t make it.

Now that may be a little harsh you say, but mobile optimization is almost THAT important. For a majority of consumers, quickly checking an email notification on their phone is the most convenient way of consuming your content. If the email is tedious to navigate and screaming of inadequacy, people just won’t stay.

5. Get their ATTN:

The subject line of your email is the first impression of your message. You don’t want it to BE your message, as that can look very suspicious. It should, though, be something that triggers them to click through. This could be a little easier for sales promotion emails, but be creative in all communication to captivate them with your content!

6. What time of day or night will you reach your consumers?

Answering this question helps you to align yourself with the expectations and lifestyles of your consumers. There are results from broad studies that provide some insight about general audiences but don’t neglect to look into a niche time that your consumers might prefer. Take capitalizing on those that are on a late-night binge of a new TV show, for example.

Email marketing is vastly more dynamic than the six top email marketing tips we explained above. We feel, however, the point has been made that email marketing remains a versatile tool in a marketer’s toolbox. If you are looking for a digital marketing agency that can utilize a variety of marketing options to increase the exposure of your product or service, give OCGnow a call at (904) 600-3600.

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