Great Email Examples for an Effective Campaign

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Woman holding email depicting great email examples

All of us probably get flooded by a barrage of emails every day, and most can admit they rarely ever read them. While the numbers vary, one survey indicates that in 2021, the average open rate stood at 16.97%, a slight decline from 18% in 2020. These aren’t the worst statistics in the world, but they can certainly be better. That said, a common question that normally arises pertains to just how relevant is email marketing today?

Despite the emergence of numerous digital marketing methods, email marketing is still important. Notably, email marketing is an excellent strategy if you are looking for a way to reach and connect with your audience in a personalized way. Done right, email marketing can help you communicate better with your target audience, improve sales, collect feedback and surveys, and boost your bottom line.

If you are looking for a bit of inspiration, here are a few email marketing examples to get you started.

⦁ BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is known not only for its compelling and highly engaging articles but also for sending the catchiest email newsletters. The company uses short and punchy subject lines and preview text. It’s hard to ignore an email when you receive it. Many of the emails feature colorful high-resolution images, which help to convey their message, not to forget that they make the email highly attractive.

⦁ Uber

Uber deploys simple yet elegant email newsletters. They tend to be brief but still succeed in serving their intended purpose. The call to action is usually highlighted clear, which most subscribers can appreciate as they can simply skim through the email and get the gist of what is expected from them.

⦁ Starbucks

Starbucks generally does a great job at maintaining brand consistency which is reflected in their emails. Once you click on their newsletter, it immediately feels like Starbucks since they incorporate their distinctive green brand color. The content is creatively written; they’ll have you buying a cup of coffee even if you aren’t a coffee-lover.

The success of these company’s email campaigns is an indication that email marketing still has a place in your digital marketing strategy. The good thing is, you might not have to invest much to realize actual results. If you would like more information on how email marketing can benefit your company, don’t hesitate to call us today, and we will help you get started with this high potential digital marketing strategy.

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