6 Strategies to Grow Your Brand and Digital Presence

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Growing flower among sprouts to depict how to grow your brand awareness

Today we are going to talk about 6 effective strategies to grow your brand. Your digital presence refers to the representation your brand has online. This is especially in regards to how many people in the digital market are aware of your brand among other brands in your industry.

Being your Online Capital Group, we naturally liken investing in your digital presence to investing in your capital. Take, for example, how more traditional businesses invest in their brick and mortar locations. How the brick and mortar location is a solid investment in your capital is how a website or other piece of digital real estate is a solid investment in your online capital.

Try these 6 strategies to build up your digital presence and increase the awareness of your brand:

1. Your website is like the storefront of your product or service. It is where the hub of your online business is located and can make some of the biggest impacts on your consumers possible. Designing this website specifically to gain conversions from visitors is a must for growing your presence.
This may mean your site doesn’t reflect the design you had in mind, but variables such as being easy to navigate or calls to action are important factors for growing your business and increasing your sales.
2. Pairing some SEO and PPC strategies with your website design will really get some marketing going for your business. This is the step where your marketing pays off. If done correctly, you can achieve higher ranks on search engines, and ultimately, more digital real estate for your brand.
3. Retargeting is yet another step towards growing your digital presence. Statistically, 97% of people that visit your site won’t take the action you desire for them to take. It will take them to trust you for information or quality of service before they come back to make a purchase.
4. The reputation of your brand will precede itself. Sound familiar? 87% of people will not interact with a brand if they have no reviews or outside source of credibility. Find top search directories to input your information and create listings on Google My Business for example to begin to garner reviews. Social media also packs a big punch in this area.
5. Creating engaging content is one of the best ways to engage your audience. Videos are a type of content that is highly effective and can sell your message around the clock! Develop a captivating sales pitch and combine that with attractive visual elements to keep your customers looking for more.
6. 57% of consumers say a brand’s social media presence influences their shopping behaviors. The good news is it’s free and other social media marketing strategies don’t typically require a lot of money to invest in altogether.

If you are looking to grow your digital presence, try taking a crack at these 6 strategies to grow your brand. The more of these steps you utilize, the stronger the benefits will be. Some of these tips only work as well when they are combined with others, but all will help in some way to make your business stand out in the digital marketplace.

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