Social Media Growth Hacks for Small Business

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It can be demotivating while first starting out on your small business social media marketing efforts. You may see local competitors that are having a sharp increase in followers while you feel stagnant. Your posts might appear to be every bit as engaging as the next company’s, but no conversations are being posted about you! In today’s post, we will provide you with some growth hacks to help grow your social media presence and bring about more success for your social media strategy. 

Respond to Every Comment

Across all social networks, responding to comments both big and small are crucial. The sites and platforms themselves prefer comment activity over simple likes, so responding to comments capitalizes on an opportunity to bring about more credibility for your profile. Try a question response where appropriate to elicit even more conversation. 

Utilize the “See More” Call to Action to Entice

This tactic works best within the LinkedIn community. Keep the description content of your post minimal, to two short sentences at most. Then, provide a “See More” link at the end to call your readers to act, including inviting other members to visit to learn what they just discovered within your link. 

Too Much Promotion is Painful

Promoting your business as the primary subject of your posts, or making up the majority of your post subjects, can prove troublesome for your engagement. These platforms are called “social” media platforms for a reason, and people will be turned off to engaging with you if all they see coming from you are self-promotion messages. Try to share content from a well respected and relevant authority about 2 to 3 times a week!

 More Stories for more Swipe Ups

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide you the option of creating stories for your users to engage with. Creating plenty of stories on a daily basis and prompting your viewers to “swipe up” on content they like is a great way to increase the traffic to your posts. 

When competing in the social media space, every edge you can gain with social media growth hacks in the competition counts. For a wholistic approach to your social media marketing efforts, and creating a social powerhouse in your industry, give our team of digital marketing professionals a call at OCGnow at (904) 600-3600.