Benefits of a Social Media Linkedin Careers Page for Hiring

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Your Online Capital Group (That’s Us!) is dedicated to helping create an engaging online presence for your brand. We can help you meet the goal of scaling your company to where you want it to be. If your business has already grown large enough to employ a group of people, it might be true that it is also an amazing place to work!

That being said, our team of digital marketing experts can help you communicate that to potential applicants you might want to attract in the future. One of the many different avenues our team can take to help your business achieve this goal is to utilize social media through a professionally optimized Linkedin Careers Page.

This platform by Linkedin is a comprehensive atmosphere that tells the community of members what the story of your company is as well as any job offerings you may currently have for people to become a part of that story. When you work with OCGnow to craft your Linkedin presence for your online visitors and/or a targeted pool of talent, they will see the most relevant information about your hiring status and motivations. Your search for new employees can be refined and made much more effective by searching for qualified candidates that are also searching for a position similar to what you are offering.

An approach like this -utilizing a social media community as opposed to more traditional networking or public relations techniques- helps provide the transparency and authenticity that increases the likelihood of a meaningful relationship between your company and potential employee.

Studies have shown that forming these relationships matters when recruiting talent for your company. Another strategy we implement is to include testimonials from other employees that have had positive and memorable experiences while working for your company. Displaying this content helps to build trust.

Here are 5 benefits your company will reap by using Linkedin Careers page advertising as a recruitment strategy during hiring:

Increased Job Visibility

Social media networks have steadily established themselves as reliable platforms when it comes to talent identification and recruitment. One of the stand-out platforms for job hunting is Linkedin. Boasting of over 770 million active users, posting your recruitment ad on your Linkedin careers page boosts its visibility on a “professional-level” social media platform. Your job posting will enjoy exposure to a large talent pool of qualified candidates.

Reduced Hiring Time and Costs

Social media, unlike traditional media, reduces the hiring time and costs especially for vacancies that need to be filled within the shortest time possible. Platforms such as Linkedin careers page make it easy and cheaper for your company to communicate with candidates and respond in a timely manner. Focusing a job recruitment advert to a pool of individuals with common values and interests helps shorten the time it takes your company to land the ideal candidate for a vacancy. Social media drastically cuts the cost of recruitment.

Improved Brand Awareness

Not only will Linkedin help you land the ideal candidate for the job vacancy, but it will also help increase the employer brand awareness of your company. Posting your job ads on your social media channels will help strengthen the brand by building trust among potential candidates. Often, brands that boast of a strong social media presence are viewed as trustworthy, which helps increase engagement.

Candidate Screening

As an employer, you can use social media platforms such as Linkedin to get a better understanding of potential hires. From employment history to ideals, social media offers a quick and unfiltered view into the life of potential candidates. Social media screening is a vital and inexpensive way to identify candidates whose morals and ideals lineup with those of your company.

Targeted Advertising

Social media allows recruiters to target specific pools of talent which in turn yields higher-quality candidates. Forums like Linkedin allows employers to target specific people. Recruiters can share their job posts to relevant industry-specific groups. A combination of hashtags, industry-specific keywords, and location can be used to narrow down the talent search.

If you are looking to hire new employees for your business, both big and small, give your Online Capital Group a call! Call (904) 600-3600 today and ask for a free evaluation of your online presence and create a talent recruitment or hiring hub atmosphere like a Linkedin Careers Page that will engage your visitors and attract new ones.

This post was originally published on 9/14/2020 and updated on 10/19/2021 for accuracy and a larger scope of information.

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