How to Improve Your Online Reputation With Social Media SEO

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There isn’t much nowadays that is more important than your business’s online reputation. With many available ways for customers to find and offer feedback on your product or services, you cannot afford to ignore this crucial piece of digital real estate! There will always be, however, the opportunity for a few thoughtless or hostile testimonials to prove damaging for your image. 

Because of significant reasons like this, creating and using an SEO-infused reputation management strategy is essential. Today we are talking about how this applies to social media, online platforms that are saturated with customer feedback and opinions. It is possible to stay at the top of your audience’s feeds with positive and engaging brand messages instead of criticism!

Be Serious About Social Media 

People were not all that serious about social media for quite some time. They considered it as a “passing fad.” There is no doubt that the current day feels as opposite as could be towards social media platforms. The relationship between social media and everyday life has become very close, while the relationship between social media and SEO themselves is a bit complex. Moreover, Google is also not very transparent about whether social media is a ranking factor or not, making working with it only more challenging. Regardless of what people think about it, though, there is no doubt that social signals are vital. Even if your social media presence fails to impact your SEO directly, it can have a significant impact on your website’s visibility. For example, some influential social signals are as follows:

  1. Your community size
  2. Your likes and shares ratio

There are also several indirect benefits when you go for building social media for SEO, such as:

  1. A higher conversion rate
  2. Generating more inbound links

Social media serves as a constant community traffic source for numerous businesses, making it a priceless asset.

Keywords and Social Content

Social posts containing the right keywords receive more visibility in the actual social network than posts that have not been optimized. However, as they are “no-follow” links, many people consider them to have no impact on Google rank. It would be best to remember that having more views on social media platforms alone is effective enough to ensure a higher traffic and conversion rate. This is a prime example of proper social media SEO content should not be ignored. 

Social media SEO and Traditional website SEO are equally important to help people search and find your content successfully. Keywords and hashtags only increase the benefit for people looking to find your content. Thus, these strategies should be required regularly in your content strategies. Keywords act as the navigation tools for people on social media, so they must be used properly to ensure that visitors looking for your brand and your products and services can easily find you.

Creating A Successful Sharing Network

The entire goal of social media is to share content. SEO strategies are essential for successful content sharing because:

  1. It serves as a vote of confidence from your followers.
  2. It is a promotional tool for your company.

Building Your Brand On Social Media Platforms

Once you receive a following that will receive what you are sharing, you can encourage engagement by constantly sharing valuable information over these platforms. You must only publish optimized content on your social media pages in a way that is still relatable and engaging. If your content is so heavily optimized that it is only friendly to search engines and not your social media audience, it will easily be overlooked. Worse yet, it could cause your readers to be turned off to reading any more from you if they feel they are just being sold to or spammed at.

Consider all the SEO rules during the creation of your social content. If the main goal is to help people find your business, you must create content and messages that make you stand out from the crowd both to people and search engines. Ensure that your content on all social platforms is straightforward, brief, fun, and intelligent. Most importantly, make sure to create compelling content from a blend of relatable stories and information infused with popular topics and keywords.

If you would like to create an optimized and engaging social media SEO content strategy, contact your Online Capital Group today for more information at 904-600-3600. Schedule an evaluation of your current online presence, and we can give you insight into the performance of your current content.

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