SEO Strategies for Youtube Marketing Your Channel

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The chances that you have heard about the importance of SEO is very high in today’s day and age, whether or not you also heard what exactly SEO is! It is most certainly important for your digital marketing efforts to make headway with consumer searches. The focus of this article is to address optimizing your content for a search engine you might not have yet considered. Google, Bing, and many other mainstream and self-evident search engines usually take the spotlight, leaving platforms like Youtube marketing on the outskirts of understanding when it comes to SEO efforts.

No matter the nature of your topic or current subscriber count, everyone has the ability to implement the strategies that help their videos rank well. Growing your search traffic and dominating your niche is possible! The terms and tools are slightly different, like videos, playlists, and channel rank, as they are specific to how Youtube works. The following statements are directly from their explanation of their discovery and search ranking algorithm:

Videos are ranked based on a variety of factors including how well the title, description, and video content match the viewer’s query.”

What they are telling us is that title and descriptions keywords matter, the search intent needs to match the user’s search query, and driving that engagement from a search query is exactly how you gain rank on Youtube. Take note that none of that will work if your videos don’t engage your audience. So, quality, audience-engaging videos first, keywords second.

In order to determine which keywords will work best for your video and for gaining exposure, you would be best off to make a concoction of ideas since Youtube marketing does not have a keyword research tool. This can be done by combining suggestions from Google Trends and Youtube suggestions themselves. There are also Chrome extensions that will supply you with related queries and most used tags for insight.

Identifying the viewer’s search intent is next up on the list of importance. Also called keyword intent, knowing the reason why a viewer searches with what words they do helps you to rank, in a way that makes sense, with the videos that are getting the most attention. You can do this by searching for the keyword you want to rank with and analyzing both the angle and content of the top 3 results. Does your target viewership want in-depth informational videos, list-type videos, or silly banter about your topic?

You can increase your exposure and watch times by matching the style of content people are looking for.

Lastly, there are some concrete variables you have to work with that every video you publish calls for and is directly related to Youtube’s structure. This is called on-page video optimization. You utilize title, description, tags, and the thumbnail to help provide context to your video and achieve those click-through-rates you want. Here are some quick tips for utilizing those variables effectively:

  1. Use the main keyword for your video in its title
  2. You want to keep the title length under 60 characters
  3. A catchy title goes a long way for viewer engagement
  4. Video thumbnails are valuable eye-catching real estate

Following these tips for the most concrete SEO strategies for optimizing your content on Youtube marketing will help increase your engagement and view time, given that your content is creative, relevant, and informative. If you are looking to start, grow, or further optimize your channel, give your Online Capital Group a call today at and schedule a FREE evaluation of your current online presence for getting a baseline to use as a launchpad for your success!