Tips for Better Blogger Outreach and Guest Blog Posting

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Posting your blog content through guest blog posting, when utilizing effective strategies, makes way for your business to gain a higher SEO ranking.

There are many other powerful benefits, including:

  1. It will help you in acquiring backlinks from high-authority sites.
  2. People start considering you as an expert in the field.

In this article, we will answer how you can go about guest blog posting for your website in such a way that effectively grows your online presence all around. We’ll outline some basic steps to take to achieve this for your business below. 

Find Valuable Guest Post Targets

Before writing any content, you must accumulate a list of targets to submit the content to.

Here are five strategies that you can utilize to increase your chances of success:

  1. Choose anything for the Google search string, like “[keyword] + guest post opportunities,” “[keyword] + looking for guest posts,” “[keyword] + guest post wanted,” etc.
  2. Use guest-posting success stories from other people! People love sharing and boasting about the places they found success.
  3. Do a reverse image search on Google. Take a URL screenshot of your top competitor, then create a list of all the places where they have previously guest-posted with the results.
  4. Use keyword search strings on Twitter and Google+. 

Research and Qualify the Guest Blogs On Your List

At this stage, it is time to refine that acquired list and work to warm up the relevant prospects.

Productive ways to go about this:

  1. Separate the losers and winners: Winners will be the guest blogs with an authoritative link profile, that post high-quality content only, relate well with your site, have a higher following count, and don’t bury the link in the author bio.
  2. Warm up the targets: You must try your best to make your guest post appealing. You can warm up your target by engaging them on Twitter, commenting on their blogs, and determining the right guest post topic for their style.

* These strategies will surely increase your chances of securing a guest post on any site you target for posting.

Making An Engaging Pitch is Essential

After finding a great guest blog you are compatible with, you are required to send a pitch. You must invest your skill into making that pitch professional and conversational. Do not forget to mention what is most appealing about your site and why you selected their particular site for a guest post. Give them a brief summary of what you do, then pitch the idea. Make sure to keep the idea precise and clear!

Accept Guest Posts On Your Site, Also

Selectively allowing some 3rd party experts to submit content for posting on your site will help you close the loop of guest posting benefits. As you gain more knowledge of how blogger outreach works, you also learn how to help your website grow organically with remarkable contributions from niche-specific and subject matter experts. These reciprocal connections help make your site more SEO-friendly the more you build them up.

The Bottom Line About Effective Guest Blog Posting

There are several SEO benefits involved with guest blog posting. It helps acquire backlinks and associates the site with other, more highly authoritative, sites. This will also help you build an excellent online reputation and be one of the niche’s trusted authorities.

It is with these strategies that your website can build brand authority in your industry. For help with developing a list of high authority, quality blogs to post your content to (or creating the engaging content to publish there!), give your Online Capital Group a call today at 940-600-3600 today!

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