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This post was originally published on 5/12/2020 and updated on 4/29/2021 for accuracy and a larger scope of information.

Despite all of the different perspectives out there in the world today, there must be some things we can all agree upon. One of those things is no doubt that online video is important! It doesn’t matter if you are a freelancer, small business, or corporation- online video is a crucial part of your content marketing strategy for a variety of reasons we will outline below.

When done right, people love watching them!

Online video marketing addresses two major steps every business utilizes to gain more customers. Those are to Attract them and to Convert them. Once you get their attention, you only have so much time to convert them into paying customers to successfully sell them on your product or service.

After only a couple of minutes of skimming through images and reading through the information on your website (if they get that far!), people usually leave the site bored or uninterested. Let’s recreate the scenario. Potential customers may pay a visit and, although they are engaged with the images and text, they see a one or two-minute video that highlights all of the important values of your product or service in a short, catchy, and memorable way that your viewers can actually enjoy. Best of all, they put in the most minimal effort for their experience, the video does all the work! Did you know that our brains process video 60,000 times FASTER than text?

When they are impacted, people love sharing them!

Website and social media visitors are 39% more likely to share your online video content, like an explainer or whiteboard video, for example. The number of people being Attracted and Converted by your video marketing will grow exponentially once people begin to share your video across platforms and start to talk about what they saw. This also increases traffic to your site as people are looking for your video, product, or service, which is in turn reflected by popular search engines! Make sure your SEO is in tip-top shape, and your brand will continue to grow more and more attractive.

When they are convinced, people love shopping for them!

A common statistic in marketing says that 70% of online video converts far better than other content types. This is because a video can display or educate on your product or service with more detailed information quickly and concisely. These videos, when tailored for your target audience and matching up with popular trends, helps strengthen your brand as well as stand out from the crowd.

Unlike website copy and static images, videos have the advantage of movement and animation that can immediately catch our interest. Music can also be played alongside the content that has the power to effectively call to our emotions while watching a segment about our product or service message or company philosophy.

When they know your brand, people will engage with you.

In marketing, familiarity works better than approaching a new target audience. Having a video that will elicit reactions from your audience will give prospective clients something to break the ice with. Creating a buzz around a video either through sharing or commenting is good engagement. This is because you can use it to gauge the audience’s sentiment, client pain points, and even the success of other marketing campaigns. For example, if you had an explanatory video on how to access products and services, you will grab the attention of your users and others who have the same issue.

Very few clients will go through a whole page on prose, but will consume a one-minute video of the same content any day. Click To Tweet

When the video is liked, search engine algorithms will also work for you.

When you create a useful video with relevant information that can be used beyond the simple marketing campaign, you can be assured of almost perpetual engagement. Unlike webpages and text content which you have to update regularly to stay at the top of search engine rankings, videos stay much longer, and the engagement from them just as well. 

With proper optimization, you can take advantage of the popularity algorithm for video content and get engagement from your site and other users who are looking for similar services. The popularity algorithm is far simpler to implement than the keywords because if everyone does the same thing, standing out from the competition will be harder. Videos are your chance to get creative, outrageous, and think outside the box to reap ultimate returns.

The old “seeing is believing” adage is the foundation of online video marketing, and believe us, it works.  You can write as many words as you would like to explain something, but a simple short video could do that and much more. A video will show the products, explain them, and elicit a reaction. Frankly, very few clients will go through a whole page on prose, but will consume a one-minute video of the same content any day.

If you would like to include a captivating online video to implement an effective online video marketing strategy to deliver great results for your business, give your Online Capital Group a call today at (904) 600-3600.

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