Top Tips for Your 2021 Video Marketing SEO Strategy

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Video marketing is everywhere. It seems like every turn in the digital landscape we take, there is a video advertisement coming from somewhere that is trying to sell us something. Not only that, there is a whole world of information about why you should invest in video marketing and how to do it right (year after year after year…).

Today, this article is written to, yes, explain how to do video marketing right for maximum benefits. We think you will find, however, that one of the hidden powers of video marketing SEO not usually seen upfront lies in the SEO value it provides. Yes, great video content can generate a lot of traffic to your brand, site, and products or services naturally, but proper SEO characteristics behind the scenes can turn it into a powerhouse opportunity. 

One reason for this is because search engines are beginning to favor video content just as much as your potential consumers. Both mobile and desktop search results are gearing people for experiencing video content up front, knowing that is what they prefer to see. The statistics are screaming it from the hilltops. According to Forbes, over 500 million hours of videos are watched online. Per day. And that number is growing every year. 

Now, that is not to say that SEO is the most important aspect of video marketing. Your videos have to be original, engaging, and as of more recent findings, relatable. Even an easily found video will be abandoned at the get-go if it’s boring and predictable. To achieve such a video, you need to know who your consumer audience is. When you know what they are looking for, you can accurately provide it for them.

As for ways to SEO your video content, check out the tips below:

1. Jump on trending niche keywords and hashtags.

Just like with written content like blog post articles, creating video content in a jiffy that addresses current trends is an excellent way to rank more highly more quickly. The title, description, and script of the video will utilize these keywords and get the attention of search engines as well. 

2. Keep the keyword usage to 5 or 6 words

A title that includes any more than this will be far too busy. Content that comes off as needy or exploitative will turn your audience off before they turn your video on. 

3. Take your tags seriously.

Tag terms are a large playing field of opportunity that is important for you to invest in for maximizing your SEO benefits. The average amount is about 10 to 20 tags, but the sky can be the limit. Consider keywords from all along your buyer’s journey, to picking up very niche terms that you could gain relevancy in. 

4. Co-publish the video with related blog content.

Creating an interesting and informative blog content article will double your exposure on the same topic and keywords. The traffic will be driven in either direction with this combo, whether it be towards your article or video, and they will both lead back to your brand. 

Implementing the strategies we outlined for you today will help increase the effectiveness and reach of your video marketing SEO strategies for 2021 and beyond. If you would like some assistance fueled with knowledgeable insights from a professional team here at your Online Capital Group, give us a call a 904-600-3600 today.

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