Effective Social Media Strategy Video Content

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Entrepreneur filming informational clip for social media strategy video content

As you may have already heard, video content is leaps and bounds ahead of other types of marketing content. It is 600% more effective than print and direct mail combined! 63% of businesses utilize video in their marketing strategies for that reason.

Our team of local marketing professionals here at OCGnow in Columbia, TN has developed a savvy for your social media strategy video marketing. We aim to help our clients reach the success their business needs.

Social media is an environment where media is very heavily consumed. This is one of the top facets of your marketing that you want to be sure to align video content with your objectives. These objectives might look like driving more traffic to your website, building trust in your brand, and generating sales.

The professionals on our team recently sat down with a client and developed a video content strategy for their social media representation. Here are the following types of video content that were considered:

Branded & Product Videos

These videos act as sales boosters, highlighting your brand, as well as the products and services you provide. Since there isn’t much of a message to deliver, there is plenty of room to be creative to attract attention.


Moving pictures and animations work well for just about any objective. They can effectively encourage engagement, as well as educate your audience on your product or service.


This form of content is among the most popular, being as they are very easy for the audience to digest. Turning important information into a video can surely boost shares of your content.

Interview sessions

What better way to build the trust and credibility of your business than by interacting with an influencer, thought leader, or expert in a meaningful way? They attract your audience’s curiosity and attention, as well as communicate an association with an expert.

Live Streaming Events

Engagement and conversions are the pinnacles of live streaming content. Sharing a behind-the-scenes look at your brand, hosting an interesting and memorable event, or even broadcasting the interview conversations with an influencer will get people on board.

How-To, DIY & Educational Videos

A very simple aspect of social media strategy video content is to turn the content your business is already creating into informational videos! A high-ranking blog post, when turned into a simple slideshow or another stand-alone video, can really carry out information’s value and score some shares.

By utilizing the creation of several different videos from the types on this social media strategy video content list, our team of marketing professionals here at OCGnow helped create a video content strategy for the client that drove results. If you need a partner to help your brand succeed, give OCGnow a call at (904) 600-3600.

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