Our Team Reviewed A Popular Website Builder

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There is no denying that websites are one of the most important assets to have in place for your online real estate. There are a crowded assortment of options to get a website for your business, and it can get pretty confusing to determine which one is the best for you. In today’s case story, a business owner from Columbia, TN gave us a call asking about some of the popular website builder they had found, and how those builders varied from hiring an agency to create a custom site for them. We were happy to oblige them with an answer!

One of the builders in question (and one that is receiving a lot of attention!) prompted us to put together some information for the business owner that could very well benefit you as our reader as well. These following downsides of going with a website builder like Wix might help save you some headache in the long run.

Created Content is Stationary

This basically means that when you select a template you like within the Wix builder, and you create content in the template you chose, there is no transferring it to another template. This can make it difficult to compare content to other looks, so be sure to test out several templates before making a decision. 

No Whitelabeling with the Free Plan

While free isn’t always the best option, as we encourage investing in the foundation of your business’ online real estate, it can come in handy for test driving certain features for your business or giving a trial run for a new program. This third party branding could possibly communicate to your audience that you aren’t quite committed to your investments.

 Paid Plan Required for Tracking & Analytics

Unfortunately, the Wix builder is not compatible with analytics programs like Google Analytics unless you pay for the tool integrations with the Paid Plan. In some ways, it can feel like an opportunistic move when looking at the very simple nature of how the integration is made. 

Completed Sites are Not Transferable

Proprietary technology shares the same approach- not proving compatible with outside programs. This keeps you from being able to export your site easily and using it with other software in the event you are being called to move to bigger foundations than Wix. Once you’re secured with Wix, there isn’t much of an option of moving outside of that. 

Single-Site Limitations are Premium Plans 

The features of a Wix Paid Plan are restricted to only one of your sites. They do not transfer across a collection of sites you may have built. Not many people would consider such limitations on paid subscriptions, but this is an example of such a predicament. 

Perhaps you have been considering using a popular website builder like Wix for building the site for your business. If you still enjoy the easy to use interface and good looking websites, we encourage you to take old of growing your online presence. However, if you are looking for a robust and impressive website complete with marketing tools and automation, give OCGnow a call today at (904) 600-3600 and schedule a free evaluation.