Digital Marketing Backlink Strategy for Increasing Your Online Presence

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Agency team creating a digital marketing backlink strategy

Exposure is a key element in making your marketing efforts effective. What good is good content if it sits in your blog and remains unseen?

A lot like word of mouth works for your promoting your business, your blog posts also need to interact with your consumers. Working with other blogs in your industry to spread awareness of your brand can bring things even further. Pages of your website can also do well with high amounts of backlinks, but we will focus on implementing a digital marketing backlink strategy for your blog in this article today.

Generating backlinks to your website can be done efficiently with many of the best practices that are out there today. Plenty have been proven by some owners and managers of high-class websites. They have been able to increase their SEO rankings and generate genuine backlinks to their website using backlinks.

These following tips will help you generate quality backlinks for your website without having to know the finite details.

Provide shareable Content

The more shareable the content you write about, the more it is circulated throughout the internet. It gives it the highest chance of being linked with several other websites. Some examples of content like this could be a showcase of interesting research, a downloadable eBook, or an enriched infographic. Utilize a CTA for prompting your readers to more easily pass the information along.

Link with incentive

Creating content that contains links to outside respectable sources provides an incentive for those outside sources to link back to you. For example, creating a counted list of top marketing tools would be made up of links to each of those tools.

Credible companies of those tools may find a mention of their name in your blog posts on their own, or get the link directly from you! Either way, a lot of the time other companies link to well-done content that features their product or service.

Gear up for Guest Posts

Publishing guest posts on outside blogs, especially those with higher profile reputations, has a high value for generating backlinks. At the end of your post, you will have the opportunity to write about yourself and provide a link to the company you represent. The link could also be to your own portfolio. High-traffic blogs are more valuable than others, though maintaining a balance of quality and quantity is most effective.

If you need a team to help with implementing a digital marketing backlink strategy to help grow your online real estate, give OCGnow a call today at (904) 600-3600 to implement the strategies that will put you on the map!

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