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Did you know “blogs” is a more commonly known term derived from the actual name “weblogs”? It is a log of posts written in a journal-like format, commonly containing information that is relevant to the website it is hosted on.

Some blogs stand alone from a brand name, and the content can range from very legalistic purposes to something as intimate as a personal diary that is shared with the world. Businesses can greatly benefit from creating blog marketing strategies and publishing content online for their consumers to, well, consume! The amount of people reading blogs has increased dramatically within the past two years, with some blogs having achieved thousands and even millions of readers a day!

There are many highly efficient digital marketing strategies that utilize blog content. They can advertise a website or brand by running promotions in the content, gathering recommendations and reviews, and cross-marketing with information from other blogs. If you want to know a little more about how blog marketing works, you can read some of the details below.

Blog Marketing: Advertising

These promotions can be created and displayed in banners, links, video and audio content, and more. In most cases, the blog owner receives some amount of payment for their advertising services. If some blog viewerships are high enough, they will opt for various advertising formats including Google AdSense and other advertising campaign platforms.

Reviews & Testimonials

Influencers aren’t just for YouTube or Social Media stars! Blog owners with high traffic achieve big reputations. Receiving acknowledgment in the form of a review or testimonial can add volumes to the credibility of your blog. Some brands pay very popular bloggers to comment on their content.

Viral Marketing

When some of the content from a blog post goes viral, the marketing for that blog becomes exponentially more effective! If your readers find the content captivating, it can be picked up and distributed to other readers as well as featured on third-party blog sites.

The traffic that you gain generates even more traffic and could get the attention of some larger news outlets. Getting your content that far off the ground could be done by placing the right content out there or making a strategically placed comment on another popular blog.

That being said, the amount of potential for a blog post to reach an extremely large amount of people can be realized in one of two ways. When an outside author gets ahold of your post or reflects your content to their viewers, the amount of control over the message being delivered becomes highly important.

Your reputation could either be portrayed in a tasteful and positively impacting way or an utterly disastrous one. Be sure to keep an eye out for posts that are being written about your brand from general public communication, let alone contractual advertising ventures.

If your business could use this kind of reputation monitoring and/or blog marketing strategies, give OCGnow a call at (904) 600-3600 today.

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