Digital Marketing for Contractor Services

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Contractors make up some of the largest group of “doers” in the service industry. From repairing or installing the plumbing to your home, to waterproofing your crawl space or basement, and everything in between, they keep things running smoothly within nearly every community for millions of people everyday. If your service company provides a high quality outcome, chances are you have already begun to develop or have a well established word of mouth type of strategy that is working to get you business. If so, and you are not currently also diving into growing your online presence, we strongly urge you to begin doing so. Considering digital marketing contractor services is a great next step to take!

Settling for a steady stream of referrals from the loyalty of previous customers may hold water for the success of your business, but if you want to truly increase the span and capacity of your consumer base, turning to digital marketing strategies is going important to do!

The following digital marketing tips will help grow your contracting business:

1. The first tip is to obtain a highly converting and professional contracting website. Increasing the convenience of homeowners to contact you to schedule services will be key here, so make mobile optimization a priority. Most search queries are made on mobile devices today, making it crucial to have a great looking, easy to navigate, and highly functional website that is mobile compatible. People will need to leave with the impact of the identity of your brand, what you do, and how they can contact you within the first two and a half seconds! It has been proven that if these few variables are not answered for a visitor to your website within that amount of time, they will quickly leave the site.

2. Second, you will want to integrate a CRM into your relevant company processes. CRM softwares are highly important for both the efficiency and efficacy of your contracting business. This allows you to basically set up many different things for automation, like lead capturing and email marketing for example. This helps your business to become more scalable, especially if you have a larger number of salespeople on your team.

3. Third, and perhaps one of the most important investments to make, is in your online presence. Reputation management for your business is key for homeowners and other people that are looking for contractors. While they are looking into your business, they will come across all of the online reviews that have been left after your work, both good and bad!

4. Fourth, getting listed on local directories is paramount for your visibility during search engine queries from potential customers.

Want more than these great tips? Get outcomes from digital marketing contractor services right off the bat with the digital marketing team behind OCGnow. Give us a call today at (904) 600-3600 to begin to optimize your online presence and start receiving results upfront, attracting customers to your contracting services from all surrounding locations.