More Cons of Top Website Builders VS Hiring an Agency

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Last week we talked about some collective reasons why DIY website design, hosting, and optimization might not deliver the results you are looking for out of a solid online presence for your business. Continuing from there, we have identified several more things to consider in your comparisons when making a decision whether you should hire a digital marketing agency or create the website and SEO and implement the marketing yourself. Do the most popular website builders of today back up their big claims, or do the cons of top website builders outweigh the benefits?

Our first example will reference the largely known website builder WIX. If you are a client with WIX and have had success with your business running a website through their service, we congratulate you! There is, however, a hangup if you decide you have outgrown their service or would like to switch to another website host or developer.

To put it starkly, there is NO option for migrating your WIX website to another service or hosting provider completely intact. If your business has grown and you are looking for custom features to be implemented to further expand, the option available to you is to copy and paste your website text by text to its new destination. 

To learn more about the substantial amount of work it takes to migrate from WIX hosting, contact OCGnow at (904) 600-3600.

Another perspective we call for you to consider as an entrepreneur is to determine the level of dedication your “team” is investing right alongside you. There is no doubt it has taken a lot of work and determination to get your first sale or signup. When you hire an agency as opposed to paying a website builder service to use their tools, you also acquire a whole team of people that have chosen making businesses number one as their career in life.

Aside from the benefits, you will avoid the cons of top website builders. Their aspirations to see your business succeed show in the work that is done for your company, it’s well worth it!

Our last point for this article lies in the likelihood of paying another expense for a website redesign in the near future. If you invested in having a cheap website built for you, maybe to save time or with the idea that you would one day increase the quality with your profit, you may find yourself investing a larger amount of money in the future than you may have thought.

This is because cutting corners on a website is not good for its health, or its recognition from search engines. If the website was not built as a strong foundation in the first place, a redesign may include much more work, and cost much more. 

Save yourself the money and hire a professional website design right off the bat!

We hope the information in this series of articles has given you the insight you need to make the best possible decision for creating the foundation of the online presence of your business. Our team of dedicated professionals are standing by to provide you with a consultation of your business at no-cost to determine how we can help. Give OCGnow a call today at (904) 600-3600 to get started. 

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