Effective Restaurant Marketing Tips To Boost Business

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Did you know 80% of restaurants fail within their first 5 years of business? The mindset behind starting a restaurant business is important, as it is not a passive source of income. A lot goes into running a restaurant smoothly for generating a profit, which makes it important to have some effective restaurant marketing tips.

There is a slew of restaurant owners that have calculated both their business expenditures and product prices for an equation that equals success, and have still had to throw in the towel! One major reason for this lies in their restaurant marketing and how it can, when not done properly, still capsize their ship.

PRO TIP: Social Media Marketing is key for restaurant owners, both big and small. Whether you are pulling up to your location in a food truck or preparing the decorations for your private dining terrace, social media marketing is an advertising hot spot. It would be best to advertise a beautiful entree or intriguing menu on your social media platform for the hungry eyes of your potential customers.

PRO TIP: Video marketing captivates your previous and potential customers to experience the environment of your restaurant for themselves. A beautifully shot video of your food being made or your dining atmosphere entices them to check it out. Nevertheless, a positive and thorough review can be what sells them straight from YouTube.

PRO TIP: Utilizing promotional marketing for gathering attention and customer buy-ins is a great way to “double-dip.” For example, running a drawing that rewards the winner with an all-you-can-eat prize of a hot menu item will gain more than just attention. A drawing like that is designed to achieve more money in entries than the cost of the amount of food that person could eat. Get creative!

If you own a restaurant and would like some pro restaurant marketing tips to help grow your customer base and increase your profit, give OCGnow a call at (904) 600-3600. Our team of dedicated professionals will help develop a marketing plan that is right for you.

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