Efficient Marketing By Promoting to Trends

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Marketing agency working with analytics to determine how to best go about promoting to trends

Efficient marketing happens when promoting a product or service alongside trends existing in the marketplace. Keywords help to get your product or service out there amid those trending search terms.

Every great product or service will address common concerns that people would already be searching for. Implementing keyword monitoring into marketing strategies is what will get your brand noticed in the sea of competition.

Certain trends that take place increase keywords that have to do with those trends. Take Christmas related items or exclusive hashtags that pop up around an event, like a new year of the Superbowl, for example. Some trends might have a more negative connotation, like those that come about from significant storms or prolific crimes.

One of the highest searched terms of today is in regards to the Coronavirus. This pandemic is causing people all across the world to look up resources to secure and preventative measures to take to keep themselves and their families safe. Educational resources being developed to help them survive and supplies they can use to better their situation are all accessible online. People are stocking up on all of this in the here and now.

An example of how marketing comes into play with promoting to trends like these can be seen in the online sales of N95 masks. Several local suppliers of these products have been failing to keep up with demand.

Online retailers have been taking advantage of online distribution to try to solve the problem. They must find ways to inform consumers of their option to purchase these masks online to be able to distribute them! This is where considering trends of events, information, and the nature of the consumer audience can make the difference.

There are a vast amount of ways to communicate these trends as a brand and they all have to do with responding to the variables surrounding the situation. Of course, they are always geared toward the best interest of the consumers you are ultimately looking to sell to.

For example, 3M has recruited national manufacturing to increase the production of N95 masks. They have also moved to keep the prices of the masks the same as before the Coronavirus and its influence on motivation to buy in mass quantities. This decision speaks to the needs of the consumers, putting their well-being before that of the profit of the company. This is something many other box stores and online retailers aren’t willing to do.

As a consumer, this move addresses concerns that leverage the brand against other suppliers by achieving a common ground for solving the problem of spreading the virus.

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