Explaining The Benefits of an Explainer Video for Your Business

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Illustration of an explainer video

As a business owner, you have most likely come to find just how important it is to communicate effectively with potential customers about what the product or service is that you are providing them. This can prove to be difficult if you try to balance delivering a clear and concise message and maintaining a unique approach. You don’t want to sound too sales-y either, and a drawn-out explanation can lose the attention of who is watching by putting them to sleep, let alone other benefits of an explainer video.

Finding ways to address what is important, while keeping attention and creating intrigue, is a fine line a marketer must walk. There are methods, however, that are known to work well for these purposes. One of those methods is creating an Explainer Video or Whiteboard Video that works to present your product or service in the format of a story with attractive visuals and/or animations.

Explainer Videos can communicate with a variety of tones (humorous, corporate, sentimental, etc.) and provide a great opportunity to express your brand’s personality with much more dynamics than a block of copy on your About Us page.

Statistics show that when a person receives a message by hearing alone, they have usually only retained about 10% of the information. When they both see and hear the message, their retention of the information can get up to as high as 68%! Explainer Videos utilize both visuals and sounds like music or professional narration to deliver a strong message about your brand to the public.

Whiteboard Videos aren’t solely used for the purpose of gaining leads, but have proved time and time again very effective at it. The stronger the delivery of how you can help the consumer and why they should look to you for their solutions, the higher the conversion rates your business can achieve.

If you are looking for an impactful way to reach your target audience, and want to achieve a message as strong as the mission of your brand, then consider making a step in your digital marketing efforts to purchase the benefits of an explainer video to tell your story.

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