Benefits of Choosing A Marketing Agency VS Freelancer

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Illustration of entrepreneurs choosing digital marketing agency vs freelancer

This post was originally published on 4/23/2020 and updated on 4/27/2021 for accuracy and a larger scope of information.

Both the passion and vision behind your business are crucial for driving it to the next level, providing the very fuel it needs to succeed. But just who will provide the graphics, copywriting, and email marketing know-how? Perhaps you have come to this article while researching the benefits of working with a marketing agency vs freelancer on your project.

Which One Should I Choose?

The reality is that you will need to have a host of skills and resources to get your business together, whether it is just getting off the ground, or hunkering down for another successful quarter. You know there are a host of services online to help you here, whether it be communities of people with the skills that are looking for hire or agencies both big and small that are ready to take on your project. Looking to hire help for your business needs will boil down to a couple of choices when it comes time to commit!

Will you choose a freelancer, or group of freelancers, to give you the pieces you can then put together? Will you choose to collaborate with an agency that will work alongside your vision to orchestrate the pieces to the entire online presence you need? In this article, we will talk about the benefits of choosing to work with a digital marketing agency like OCGnow to establish your online presence, as opposed to a qualified freelancing alternative.

Firstly, your goal(s) will be achieved by a team of educated professionals that possess a broad range of focused skills from a variety of backgrounds. This eliminates the work it would take you to connect several different freelancers to your project, as well as the process of explaining the vision behind your brand to each individual! With our agency, a project manager is assigned to the team, and all work is coordinated and revised in the same collective, creative atmosphere.

When you want to implement your own marketing strategy, you want to choose someone who will implement it like you want it done. You want to be able to count on them when consulting and getting feedback. Therefore, while you seem to have many options to start with, everything begins to narrow down when you demand specialization, a proven track record, and a risk-taking mindset.

That said, while a freelancer may be good at one aspect of marketing, you cannot discount the collective expertise in a Marketing Agency. As a team, an agency will entirely handle each project based on their strengths in multiple areas rather than the need to make revenue. This simply means that you are guaranteed professional, high-quality services in all stages of executing your strategy.

Does My Company Need A Digital Agency?

Depending on the size of the company and the scale of implementation of your marketing policies, you will need a company with the capacity to handle the whole load. As a group of managed and maintained professionals, a digital marketing agency is organized with the structures, partners, and equipment in place to meet the needs of large marketing campaigns and companies. As an independent establishment, you can rely on their professionalism and internal controls to make sure that the project is executed your way, or perhaps even better.

Above all else, working with a reputable marketing company, your assurance of great service comes from the structure of the company. Any eventualities or unforeseen circumstances will not have as much impact on the progress of your project as it would with a freelancer. There is a large pool of talent and expertise and quick solutions to any unexpected situations.

In contrast, your assurance of service from a freelancer comes from their reputation, integrity, and individual competencies. Should anything happen to impair their ability to dispense their service, your alternatives will be to wait or hire someone else. All of which distract from meeting your targets.

An agency utilizes a great number of resources all under one roof and has beneficial connections within many networks. This makes it possible to speed up production time and create a more diverse perspective that is apparent in the outcomes of the work delivered, from ecommerce to franchising. The flow of work is already structured to follow a process of checks and balances and quality control that is tailored for business success.

How Does A Digital Agency Protect My Investment?

A very important aspect of the work done with a marketing agency like ours is that the work is done within a contractual agreement. This serves the purpose of protecting both the integrity of our agency as well as the investment you are making in your business. There is a framework in place to keep things honest and transparent, as well as accountable to the best overall outcome of the job.

Lastly, communication with a professional agency, more often than not, provides you with a large construct of support options. Our team at OCGnow is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help answer any questions you have or better understand any variable of the project at hand. We also maintain routine progress monitoring reports for your insight on the project’s development.

These strong points of hiring a digital marketing agency vs freelancer can help maximize the value of your digital marketing efforts by strengthening your online capital, a cornerstone that we believe is one of the most crucial and profitable investments for all business owners. Collaborating with a digital marketing agency vs freelancer can save a great amount of time, money, and aggravation.

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