The Importance of Website Security Services

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Just as you would not leave the doors of your brick and mortar location unlocked when going home for the night, you would not want there to be any doors to your website open to anyone with bad intentions or looking to take from your site. Being that websites are entirely digital and exist in a space we most oftentimes cannot see, the possibility for these doors to be open are rather mysterious and oftentimes very large. We will describe some of the most common ways that the security of your WordPress website can be compromised, leaving your site and all of its contents vulnerable when not protected with website security services.

Poor Hosting Protection

One of the most substantial ways that your site can be exposed to corrupt traffic is by being hosted by a provider with poor security conditions. Some statistics show that as much as 41% of hacks to websites can come through this method.

Putting Off Plugin & Theme Updates

Most of the time, plugin and theme updates include more than just interface or content updates. They will usually include security patches along with all of the other variables your plugin or theme needs to continue working properly. When performing large updates, it is important to backup your site to prevent breakage.

Insecure Login Credentials

Have ever set a combination lock to a very memorable string of numbers so that you would not forget the way to open the lock? Though this may work for much less valuable items around the house, your website needs to have a much more secure route for logging in. With a huge amount of information being collected and sold online, as well as lists of common passwords being generated, it should be of no surprise that without very unique login credentials that your login will be compromised.

Poor Quality Plugins & Themes

Wanting to cave money is a highly universal trait, and looking for free plugins and themes may be enticing to be able to do just that. The quality of these products are generally not very good and worst of all can contain outdated or inactivated products that can become open doors for hackers to gain access to your site. Spend the extra money to buy a more quality and secure product, it is worth it!

Investing in a professional website design team is one of the best ways to ensure your investment in a website will be safe. Give OCGnow a call today at (904) 600-3600 to learn more about our website design services and our top of the line anti-spam, monitoring, and security reporting services can help your business.