Good Website Design Statistics That Speak Volumes

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Graphic of laptop with website for website design statistics

Chances are, if your business does not yet have a website, you have already felt the pressure of getting one. Even those that have created profiles on all major social media channels would still benefit from a central hub that is completely unique to their brand.

So what might some website design statistics say about this decision?

Perhaps you have not yet found it in the budget to afford the website you feel would best fit your business. Maybe you are dead set on relying on Facebook or Instagram for customer purchases. Whatever the case may be, we feel that after reading through some of these staggeringly convincing website design statistics you might consider the investment.

After all, with 5.7 billion searches per day in 2019 and climbing, having a domain of your own amidst the competition is worth its weight in, well, digital real estate!

  1. 81% of people search for products online before purchasing from a physical store.
  2. 35% of all products searched for on Google result in a bank transaction within 5 days time.
  3. By 2022, the amount of money spent shopping online is estimated to reach $638 billion.
  4. 73% of businesses invest in the design of their brand online to stand out from the competition.
  5. Nearly half of all online customers say the impression of the company’s website is the #1 factor that determines their opinion of the credibility of their business.
  6. 91% of businesses have not yet optimized their sites for mobile readiness, get ahead of the game!
  7. Customers would rather search for something visually pleasing than plainly simple.
  8. Half of the revenue of e-commerce across the globe comes from mobile.
  9. 68% of companies are utilizing mobile marketing in their marketing strategies.
  10. UX (or user experience) design can achieve a 100% ROI (or return on investment) for your business.

Now that you have some astounding website design statistics about the benefits of one for your brand (especially a beautifully designed, mobile-friendly one), you might want to consider giving OCGnow a call at (904) 600-3600 and discuss the option that best suits your business. We can discuss what project would best suit your needs and get your business on the global e-commerce map.

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