6 of the Best Website Builders 2020

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It’s the first month of a new year and, for those of you that have gone through and made some resolutions towards the goals you want to achieve this year, we have compiled a small list of nods to some of the current top website builders. Take a look into these 6 best website builders 2020 if you own a large or small business that needs a website, and you are either planning to make one yourself or hire some help and want to know more about the tools they are using for the job.

Each of the website builders below have their individual strengths that you will benefit from. It is up to factors such as preference, project need, project resources, skill level, and many others that will determine the best choice for you or your team.

1) Squarespace

Squarespace has excellent themes that are geared to appear more modern and appear like many of the more trendy themes out on the market today. There are plenty of great features to utilize for putting a sensible and stylish website together easily. Best of all, it’s interface is intuitive, similar to the ease of use you would have with an Apple product.

2) Wix

Wix features a blank canvas editor that serves the ultimate purpose of delivering a great deal of freedom to your ability to customize the site. Like with most things, though, more freedom without guidelines can cause things to become confusing more easily.

3) Weebly

Weebly’s strongest feature lies, perhaps, in its simplicity of use. This builder is most recommended for anyone who can feel intimidated by the whole website creation process, or is just not super tech savvy.

4) Strikingly

Strikingly could easily be argued as the most minimal one-page website builder. (One-page websites are longer websites that feature menu navigations that scroll you up and down the page instead of linking you to another page.) Choosing the content and graphics will most likely be the bulk of the work you will have to do with this one!

5) Shopify

Shopify dominates the market of ecommerce website builders. Unlike the builders mentioned above, Shopify is exclusively an ecommerce tool, so it possesses the most sophisticated ecommerce features.

6) Format

Format is geared towards making image-forward, striking portfolio websites. Not to be used for the more middle line, informational, or ecommerce sites, Format helps you present the photos or illustrations that get your business the attention it needs front and center in a dramatic and visually pleasing way.

Needles to say, this list is not the only list of best website builders 2020 you can choose from. The six we have chosen are most likely to address the different needs you have in creating your site and, if chosen wisely, could really pack a punch in the areas they have strengths in.

The team at OCGnow wishes you and your business the best in your efforts this upcoming year. If you have any more questions, or would like a partner in developing your website as well as your complete online presence, contact your Online Capital Group today at (904) 600-3600.