Does Starting a Business Require a Degree?

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This field of work is one of the few fields that says its not true that business require a degree to get started, but the intelligence and creativity to maintain and run an everlasting career. When interviewed, many people stated that they would rather save their money and invest it into starting their business. Some people stated that they also saved time just jumping right in, learning how things work along the way. If they had questions, they asked a business mentor whom they knew, they would buy a book, they would hire an accountant, or invest in someone who worked website design.


Running a business is about being your own boss. You are in charge here and you make the rules. You know what needs to be done and you make the plans. Some level of research needs to be done, and you must be able to resource out to get the answers you need to the questions you have. College preps people for this: research and learning the information needed to help a person succeed in their chosen career. Well, if you can find the information, read, and learn a few, well a lot, of things, then by golly, you don’t need a degree!

So, now that we know that college isn’t the only way, and we want to start and maintain a successful business, where do we start?


Well, you need to take a hard look at your current situation and make a plan. Many businesses start when people have little or nothing but the drive in their hearts to get it started. Do you have that? Great! We’re off to a good start, because now you need to know what your business will be. Where do you see yourself in 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 years and what is your business goal?


Next, Now that you are familiar with where you are at and where you would like to be, it’s time to make a plan. Not a haphazardly sketched plan that you wrote on a piece of scratch paper, but a real, truly invested, typed out plan. You need to know what resources, money, and people involved you need, and best of all- what questions to ask and where to get them answered.


C’mon, don’t say you don’t know the next step! Take action and get the process started. If you’re busy, working a different job, kids, distracting home life, then start small. It takes a seed to grow a forest, and good grief you have it in you to plant that seed. Really start asking those questions, making those calls, reading up on things you are unsure about, and most of all: CARE about what you’re doing, or your business is going to die young.


Last but not least, now that you’ve put in some good time and you can see movement- look around and see if things are going as planned. Are you content with the outcome of your business and where it is headed? Are there things that need to be changed or added to make your business more successful? Once you’ve determined the success of your business: either make those changes or… Relax. Because my friend, you’ve worked hard, without a degree, probably in the same time and money it would have taken you to get the degree.

To sum things up, its not true that business require a degree. You do have to be creative with a strong skillset in determination. If and when you start your business you need to consider where you’re at, make a plan of where you’d like to be with defined goals on how to get there from here. You need to take action (the hardest part), and you need to be a gauge in determining if your business is where it needs to be while evaluating if your goals have been amidst the making of new goals. There you have it, how hard could it be?

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