SEO Tips & Strategies for Marketing Your Airbnb Property

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If you have chosen to invest in an Airbnb venture, you will naturally want to get the most out of your efforts. You may be implementing strategies for marketing your airbnb listings to gain the competitive edge. Listing a great property alone isn’t the key to getting it booked. One such marketing strategy highly effective to Airbnb hosts lies in their SEO. The following tips will help you achieve higher ranking listings in the midst of a rapidly growing community of people that are turning to Airbnb investments for making a profit.

Descriptive, Relevant Title

A descriptive and creative title will help you stand out from other listings. Having a creative edge to displaying your property will get it noticed. Be sure that everything you have inside your property is still up to date with the photos on the listing. People want to know what they’re expecting when they book your place.

Respond Quickly

This variable is very important because Airbnb keeps track of how long it takes you to respond. If you have somebody that’s inquiring about your property or you have somebody that’s sending you a message, you will want to have a notification system in place that will help you to communicate back with your customer on the fly. Having a quick response time is naturally beneficial to your listing.

Offer Competitive Rates

A great way to do this is to price your property a little higher with a discount. Whether you implement a 10% or 15% discount, or offer a coupon, presenting a sale will end up providing people with the idea that they are getting a deal in the face of your competition. Another way to offer great rates is to price your properties under the average market price on a nightly rate.

Update Your Calendar Regularly

Be aware of upcoming holidays that people might be looking for locations to rent near notable vacation spots or large events they want to attend. Put mention of that event or location in your listing description to not only hit those keywords but let shoppers know just how prime of a location you have to offer.

Following these strategies for marketing your airbnb property will help to get your properties to the top ranks of search results. While not all of these tips address keywords in titles and descriptions that you can work a marketing strategy with, but they do help optimize the search results of your properties.

If you are developing an independent Airbnb representation for listing properties to generate income, give these marketing tips a try. For all other marketing ventures, and to make the most out of your investment into your Online Capital, give OCGnow a try by scheduling a free evaluation, today!