Web Design Questions Marketing Companies Should Ask

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Whether your business is just getting off the ground or you find that, although it has been pretty well established, it is time for a rebuild, you will want to make the investment in a new website count. Part of this process takes trust in the partnership with your marketing company, and the other part lies on your shoulders. It is important that you know enough about your business to be able to answer these questions marketing companies should ask you accordingly and appropriately. This post today will give you a heads up on some of the most important things to have intact before scheduling that website design meeting with your marketing company as well as letting you know 5 of the more heavy hitting questions they should be asking if they are on the track of doing a great job for your company.

1. What is your ultimate business goal?

A lot of web designers will stop short of this, asking what the ultimate goal is for the site. The truth is, it is the web designers job to figure out how to fit the website into the ultimate goal of your business. Your marketing company should base the entire strategy on how they can best use the website to help you fulfill your business objective. To focus on something as small as the goal of just the website upfront can really limit the results and actually end up with the focus on the wrong goal. It’s very important that your web pro knows the answers to these questions marketing companies should ask, because without it, all the focus will be on is the superficial stuff like how it looks. To really get the results you’re looking for to grow your business, to get you more leads, you will need to know the answer to this question.

2. Who is your customer?

Your website can’t, and really shouldn’t be, all things to all people. You need to develop the look and feel of the strategy into the content to please that number one fan. If you don’t already have a customer persona in place, your marketing company should be able to help you out with that. It is their forte to develop one as it is important to a business. When you try to design something right down to the middle it often times won’t speak to anyone and it can only be so persuasive.

3. What is their biggest problem and how can you solve it?

By knowing what this problem is, and how you can help solve it for them, we can start to develop a strategy around your content that will speak directly to your customer’s problem. You need to know the answer to everything they are looking for and your website has to be really clear about those solutions. Not only will your website represent these solutions in a way that will satisfy the customer’s need for help, but it will also serve as the markers for them to find you in the first place through search engine optimization, or SEO.

4. Do you currently have a sales funnel?

A sales funnel addresses all of the different ways you currently get customers. This entails all of the  different ways they come across your business, how they find out about you, than what you do to help them whittle down their buying process into becoming a customer. It is also important that you know where people might be breaking off! This is an extremely important part of the process of fitting your website into that sales funnel in a beneficial way.

5. Do you have Google Analytics installed?

This is something your web design agency should be able to figure out just going into the source code of your current website, if you have one. You may be asked the question despite that fact, as it is important to make your marketing company aware of whether or not you have as quickly as possible. Monitoring your Google Analytics presence is crucial so a baseline of how your current website is performing. Your insight and the information you can provide to get them connected to your Google Analytics is what will help this process get underway more quickly. They will be able to get insight into what is working well and what kind of content should be created. The sooner that your web designer has access to those stats, the sooner you can start coming up with a strategy that is going to drive the needle into the productive zone.

If you are looking for a great website to help support the foundation of your online presence, look no further than your Online Capital Group, now! These questions marketing companies should be asking about your web design project should help put things in perspective. Give us a call at (904) 600-3600 and schedule a digital real estate evaluation of your business to give us the best idea of how we can help improve.