Cons of Cheap Website Builders

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Images of website pages depicting cheap website builders

There are a slew of easy to use website builders out there on the internet today. They are offered by major hosting providers and individual companies alike. The services are sold along with promises that you can “make your website in minutes” and “drag and drop” everything into the right places.

A lot of these claims are true in that the process of making a website can be made faster with their help. Keep in mind, however, are also a lot of cons of cheap website builders. We pose this question: is the quality of outcome just as significant as the convenience they offer?

One of the most popular website design builders out there today is Wix. Some pros that business owners find by using Wix lies in the low price tag and pretty decent visual elements. Put these two together and one might ask themselves “Then what’s the catch?”

A low-cost and trendy looking website sounds like the perfect match. When you look a little deeper into the situation, however, you might notice there are some major sacrifices being made. These things would otherwise greatly benefit a business owner in their branding efforts. This option is very popular with small business owners when they see a $2,000 to $5,000 price tag on a custom-made website complete with additional services.

You don’t own the property you create

Imagine you have a small business and are renting a business facility on a month-to-month contract. If you don’t pay for the month of rent, you know you will be kicked out of the facility and be expected to start all over again at another location. That is provided you could pay for it!

This analogy represents who has true possession of the assets you create when using a third-party software like Wix. You will not own the IP, the template, or the contact methods given.

Weakened Online Presence

A strong URL says a lot about your company. When customers see your domain name followed by “”, they know your website is not the sole representation of your brand. It can speak negatively about the abilities of your business.

Business owners that provide generous investments in their digital real estate also communicate to consumers they understand where true value lies. They are also usually more committed in their decisions.

Although you can opt into a premium plan for a Wix site that will remove all Wix branding to help your business stand alone, you will still not fully own the site that you have made there and are utilizing from their hosting.

You may want to avoid these cons of cheap website builders while looking to invest in a website that will act as the foundation of your digital real estate and speak volumes for your business. When it comes to the reputation of your online presence, look no further than OCGnow. Give us a call at (904) 600-3600 to schedule an evaluation for website design.

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