Digital PR VS Traditional PR Strategies

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In this post we are going to discuss the difference between Digital PR vs Traditional PR. It’s easy to get confused when you hear digital PR in the context of the topic of public relations in general. Historically, traditional PR has been deadline driven. It is focused on media relations outreach based on the speed of getting a pitch or press release out quickly. Traditional PR is often marked by a focus on cold call pitching to editors and writers. This is known as media relations. Digital PR also recognizes the need for speed. It is a requirement that news and product information gets into the market as quickly as possible in order to maintain relevance.

A major difference lies in the relation of the concept of velocity vs. speed. Velocity addresses the concept of speed, but adds on the component of direction. Digital PR uses digital tools and services to determine the optimal places for outreach instead of relying on perceptions or guesses on where to go with a pitch. Typically with a
traditional PR approach, a press release is drafted then distributed about a couple of primary ways. The first is the newswire. These services have been around since the times of newsrooms and editors. As the internet became known as a more robust form of broadcast medium, the newswire gained popularity because the feed was also distributed directly to mainstream news outlets and its content redistributed to online sites. In more recent times, the newswire has begun to decline in value as the prices remained high. This is due to search engine ranking ruling out indexing newswire news, marking them as sources of news that are no longer credible.

A primary benefit of digital PR over traditional PR is the ability to identify relevant opportunities in the media. The value behind this ability lies in the concept of brand positioning. By definition, your brand or position in the marketplace has its greatest context in regards to the competitive brands and products in your space. With the ability to utilize SEO strategies in digital realms like the Google Search ecosystem means that your PR efforts can be highly successful while bringing great value and traffic back to your website.

So in summary, whether it’s a Digital PR vs Traditional PR approach, both are focused on the pure value of what public relations brings to the marketing mix. Simply put, that value is in generating non-paid third party endorsement coverage of your brand, product, or service. And while traditional PR has worked well with this in the past, it continues to have some value in today’s content environment. Digital PR has a much more robust and effective way to create and build awareness for your brand or product and help move the needle in measurable way towards the sales and marketing goals that your company has set.

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