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Group of people in business discussing 24/7 marketing suport options

This article is a part of the Becoming Successful Digitally series by OCGnow’s Chief Operations Manager, Joshua Lampright.

If you are the owner of a small business, you are probably familiar with 80 hour work weeks and no paid time off. You wake before sun up and start your daily routine to ensure everything is just right for your clients. Opening your doors from 9 to 5 shows a great work ethic, but what happens when you never close your doors, offering 24/7 marketing support?

In our last article, Website Creation & A Successful Online Presence, we looked at the importance of having a website, the differences between a $100 and $10,000 website, and the fundamental elements of a simply good website. Now let’s look at the importance of constant contact.

First, why is it important to stay in contact with clients? Have you ever gone to a Best Buy or other electronic store, only to feel like an idiot because of your lack of knowledge about the newest trends in electronics technology? It can feel like a full-time job to keep up on these trends.

The employees at Best Buy are there all the time and are immersed in technology. They are constantly getting educated on new things, so we ask them for help. These implications are why we trust their suggestions. There is safety in thinking we are getting facts from an authority in the industry, and that’s the number one reason your clients are coming to you.

Now, how do we stay in contact with the client in question on the website? Back in the day, Social Media would have been your best option. Even though it is still an effective outlet, there are now onsite, real-time chat systems. 24/7 support associates run the chat and text message systems to help that confused client come to a solution. OCGnow will help you get that 5 star service at a price you can afford.

Thursday’s article will be on Search Engine Optimization, and will cover some great tools to help you be at your best.
As always, if you find yourself biting off more than you can chew, OCGnow is ready to jump in to help take control of your online presence. Call or text us at (904) 600-3600, or visit our website for 24/7 marketing support at OCGnow.com.

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