Should I Invest in PPC or SEO Digital Marketing Services?

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Chances are, not many people are aware of the popularity of print advertising that still exist today. Yes, newspaper and magazine subscriptions are still going strong!

People use smartphones to enhance, monitor, and share with others just about every possible facet of their daily lives. Despite this, print advertising is still fully operational for businesses both big and small across the country.

In today’s post, we will illustrate the benefits of choosing online advertising over traditional print advertising. Have you ever asked yourself “Should I invest in PPC or SEO?” The following ways will help you implement these benefits into your business marketing strategy.

This illustration is of a business owner that provides home construction and remodeling services. He followed the advice of a friend and created a Youtube channel for uploading videos. The plan was to upload informational content and documented projects he had worked on in his local area.

Next, he sought the help of a local marketing agency for proper search engine optimization of his video and website content. Over time, the business owner had accumulated a steady stream of subscriber traffic to his channel as they awaited the next video. There was also an increase in his website traffic.

This same business owner had subscribed to prominent magazines of relevant competitors in the home remodeling and construction industry. He discovered that the number of subscribers to some of these magazines was similar to the following he obtained on his Youtube channel. After locating some full-page advertisements of other competitors, he discovered they had paid around $100,000 for them!

A very important factor that comes into play when comparing these two forms of advertisements lies in their “shelf lives”. For example, as a magazine advertiser, it is highly likely that the issue your audience has received will not stick around through the next couple of months.

On the other hand, as an online video creator, you can invest the same amount of money into a professional video that will remain in your channel indefinitely. It will also be featured next to other great pieces of content you provide in an attractive archive of information.

Check out this practical look at an example of advertising with online video. If the cost of advertising on a video that has obtained roughly 500,000 views was 10 cents per view, the views would have cost at least $50,000 to the advertiser. Remember the $100,000 full-page print advertisement mentioned earlier?

In conclusion, the amount of profit that can be made on online video advertising is immense compared to some forms of traditional print advertising.

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