Creative Marketing Campaigns That Failed

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Creativity is like gold in the marketing atmosphere. It makes things happen in a way that captivates audiences, possible consumers, and leaves a nearly everlasting impact on people. There is a fine line between shock factor and shutting down your audience with overload or just plain strange content. If this small yet very effective range can be achieved, you have yourself the opportunity for very successful creative marketing campaigns.

The following examples, however, showcase campaigns that have missed that mark. For one reason or another, they came close, but didn’t quite reap the benefits of their well intended efforts.

A very empowering move for manufacturers of women’s beauty products lies in supporting their natural beauty. This is especially important in a world where the media can be very critical and nearly everything we share about ourselves is immediately open to public criticism. These soap bottles were sold in packaging that was designed to reflect the diversity of body types of their women consumers. The bottles, however, caused the opposite reaction, leaving women feeling self-conscious.

Companies that have been releasing devices in the same industry for years, like game consoles for example, are always on the look out for releasing a new and improved model to change up the gaming experience. The incentive for their consumers to buy the newest make for a better and more unique experience can be challenging, and delivering their intuitive marketing messages can prove just as difficult. This particular ad emanates some very offensive vibes despite the advertiser’s goal of giving the customer a feel of an irresistible new installment to the product line.

Not many people can forget the creative marketing campaigns that portrayed the ongoing and gruesome social conflict at the time as a trivial disagreement that could have easily been resolved over a can of soda. Police found a peaceful invitation and protesters “quenched their thirst” for revenge in this advertisement. Needless to say, the campaign was swept up in its own share of the outrage going on at the time.

Free merchandise with a purchase can provide a very creative outlet for marketers to satisfy many a customer’s curiosity of how to get some really good deals. One video game publisher gave it a whirl by releasing a sequel to a formerly successful game revolving around a plot of an organized international crime ring with a free brass knuckles piece for customers that opted in to the purchase. Instead of generating the hype and word of mouth they were looking for, they quickly realized they had violated the law by distributing these pieces that were classified as weapons in various states and had to shut the whole thing down!

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