The Marketing Benefits of Competitor Analysis

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As a local business, keeping an eye out for how the competition around you is presenting themselves to the public is important for keeping your representation in check. You can gain insight from how other businesses conduct themselves, whether it is to adopt some of their ways that have shown success, or put a halt to some practices that could be damaging to your image. A well-to-do local business in Columbia, TN recently contacted our team of professionals to ask about how to receive the benefits of a competitor analysis of other businesses in their area to put their own productivity into perspective.

The first area of analysis that is typically done is an assessment of your competitors’ digital marketing outcomes, like website traffic for example. Some examples of information that we gather from your competitor performances are as follows:

  • If the lead competitive company has changed recently.
  • What changes affected your competitors in recent months.
  • Which digital channels yielded the best performance

A crucial next step in the analysis process our team takes is to discover what SEO strategies your competitors are implementing for success. Our agency utilizes industry proven programs and processes to get a look into these strategies and provide you with a bird’s eye view of how they are achieving their success. Some pieces of information look like successful keywords, consumer behavior metrics, popular pages of their website, estimated cost of ad keywords they are investing in, and more, for example. Finding what they found works for them will help our progress going forward to enhance your own marketing strategies.

The same holds true for yet another approach of analyzing local competitors, and that is to assess the performance of online advertisements they have created and have recently run. Specific keywords and a plethora of other unique information can be gotten about what is working for the particular company. Other patterns that can be discovered is from more historical data, such as seasonal adaptations they might make of “on and off” times for greater success with running certain campaigns.

Lastly, the type of content that these business’ strategies provide to their consumers can offer up plenty of information for a profitable competitive analysis. Some questions that our team poses about your competition to uncover these variables sound like the following:

  • What are people saying about their particular pieces of content?
  • What platforms are they publishing on that are working best for them?
  • Who else is associating themselves with their company and promoting exposure?

We help you get the benefits of a competitor analysis by gathering this lucrative information about the competitors in your area. Our team of marketing professionals can help your business rise up in the ranks. It’s not impossible to achieve these top ranks you might have marveled over for years, you just have to make that call. Give OCGnow a call today at (904) 600-3600 to schedule a FREE evaluation of your business today.