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Without claiming and verifying the Google My Business listing, your local SEO is incomplete, and in a big way! As usual, there are a few precautions that need to be taken when considering trying to rank high up on Google My Business. This service comes free of cost and it has the potential to be really beneficial, but like with anything, you are going to have to be strategic and able to put in the work! In this post, we will discuss a few things you can do to rank higher in your Google listing traffic using niche keywords.


Adding labels can help with organization and locating into groups, so this way the locations can be searched by labels directly from the dashboard. Filtering location extensions in Adwords can be used and up to 10 unique labels can be used in each location. These labels should not have an inclusion of any special character and the labels should be kept around only 50 characters.

Keywords Anywhere

Keywords anywhere, especially in the business name play, an important role in search results locally or regularly. Having a proper keyword search like Google Keyword Tool Planner will help choose the right keywords so that you aren’t wasting your time using words just for the sake of using them. Once you know the keywords, incorporate those words in your business and the rest of the content that you are using.

Quality Pictures

Anywhere you look, and anyone you talk to will tell you that the picture quality of your images should be top-notch. People will just assume you haven’t updated anything if you have poor quality images, also making it look incomplete and sloppy. Thinking from the point of view of the audience will really help you with this one: think about how you view posts with poor quality or no images.

Add a Post

If you are only adding information to your Google My Business page, then you have only done half the work. You should also try adding a post that can be added to your Google My Business review. All you do is go to the posts section of the Google My Business app and type a post of around 1,500 words. Provide a link to any page and put a picture along with it and click publish! You should be able to see them from your listings page.

Makes sure everything works!

Lastly, and this seems like a given, but make sure that the addresses and phone numbers you have provided are in working condition. Also, make sure that the exact business hours you use are on there. This is a common problem and can frustrate people looking to show up somewhere at a specific time, only to be turned away because hours are not posted accurately.

Should you incorporate most or all of these traits of a great Google Business Listing, then your business should get bumped up in the search ranks as well as receive more organic and relevant leads and contacts from consumers.

If you would like a professional’s perspective on how best to represent your brand using Google Business Listings, give your Online Capital Group a call at (904) 600-3600 and schedule an online presence evaluation. We will determine how strong your online foundation currently is as well as the most optimal strategies to use for Google listing traffic to get your business the best results.

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