Rebranding After An Accident For Reputation Solutions

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Brand timeline depicting the process of rebranding

We all make mistakes, but none seem to impact us as long as the ones we make in the public eye. Sometimes these mistakes can help us in unforeseen ways, and other times they stop our self-esteem cold in its tracks.

This article takes a look at some of the worst-case scenarios your brand could face and offers some tips for rebranding after an accident. When done properly, rebranding can help take care of a lot of blunders.


In the event that a mistake has set your brand back so badly that you have to start over at ground level, consider that rebranding takes time. It is estimated that less than .01% of all websites on the internet are archived by the top search engine, Google. Be prepared to spend the amount of time and money needed to reestablish your online presence successfully.


Remember back to when no one knew of your brand? In the event that you have previously secured a consumer base, it will be important to let them know you are making a brand change. Loyal customers and clients might be the only ones that recognize your achievements once you take on the new brand.


Rebranding is not always done to turn things around for the sake of reputation, but doing so can evoke the question of “Why?” from consumers. It can be obvious when a brand has been renewed for the sake of remodeling a company’s image, but that is not always the case.


Honest marketing is the best way to interact with your audience and uphold your reputation. Even big brands have found ways to work around bad media with quick statements or make light of mishaps with honesty. This is especially true when mixed with a comedic tone.

This great example comes from KFC. An internal error caused a large number of their stores to run out of chicken. In response, they posted an image of an empty bucket displaying the letters “FCK”. The reply was funny as well as tasteful (no pun intended), giving customers a good laugh.

When done with the help of a strong team, the strategy you use for rebranding after an accident can turn your company from zero to hero. This is why the right partner is always important, and OCGnow is your go-to solution for any rebranding in Tennessee or across the nation. Give us a call today at (904) 600-3600.

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