Does Your Business Need A Rebranding Strategy?

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It is normal for a brand to change strategies and identities. On average this happens once every seven to ten years and may involve things restyling logos, changing themes/visual language, or something as simple as a font. These are drastic steps but mostly backed by good reasons. Let’s explore some scenarios a business will need to rebrand below.

Perhaps your business model has gone astray from the model that first made it a reality. Maybe things have evolved to match what has worked best for more a successful return, like increasing or decreasing particular investments. Another example could be adjusting the brand image to cater to the fluctuating wants and needs of your audience for the product or service.

This can also happen if your business either has an outdated representation or an image that is compromising the value system of your brand. In any of these situations above, your approach may very well require a rebranding strategy.

Introduction of new goods and services – If you are releasing a new product into the market, you need to draw as much attention to it as possible. A change of visuals could offer an innovative way of getting people to check out your product, it is good for product differentiation especially if you are targeting a different market segment with it.

If this is the case, investing in digital marketing efforts can help you to publicize your products efficiently. You can especially appeal to your customers and strengthen brand loyalty by including them in the change.

Need to reposition – Rebranding as a strategy can be used by already established businesses that are looking to increase their profit and those that have recognized a simple need for a change of direction. OCGnow works with you to formulate a rebranding strategy that will lead to the change you want. We will adapt everything to your new visions and strategy to help you onboard everyone from stakeholders, and customers with it.

Fighting an outdated image – Everything has a shelf life and something that was once cool is bound to be obsolete or outdated to some people. It is with this spirit that brands have to constantly rebrand to shake off age and become modernized.

If your brand needs to modernize to keep up with the shifts in the trends of the real world, you can count on our team of graphic design artists, content creators, and more to deliver a cornerstone of the online presence you can count on. We will create a successful rebranding strategy that will reach out through all of your communications and representation to the digital marketplace.

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This post was originally published on 5/23/2019 and updated on 8/27/2021 for accuracy and a larger scope of information.

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